P.1214 Griffon by Rafa

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    Hola amigos!!!
    Here is my scratchbuilt representation of the BAe-Hawker P.1214 VSTOL Fighter project. I built it from 3-views, dissected in photoeditor and resized in Powerpoint to match something like 1/72, if I remember correctly.

    The planform and forward/upper fuselage and canopy are cardboard (Cardboard, Yum!!!), the lower fuselage (deformed cardboard F-16) is plastic and card, the sponsons and vertical canted fins are plastic.

    The forward vectoring nozzles are cast in white glue from a harrier's original, and the humps and lumps in the belly and sponsons are plastic fuel tanks from other scale models.

    The rear nozzle swivels up and down. It is made out of a cable tip isolator.

    All was then coated in heavy marine varnish, let dry, and a coat of plastic finish for wood floors, then sealed and painted.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed inventing and building it.


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    Great work, is fantastic.
    I animate and continues showing your creations.

    Un saludo

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