Overland Brass 3 Truck Shay Questions

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by chucke, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. chucke

    chucke New Member

    Does anybody have one of these? I recently purchased one at auction but have no way to run it yet. I was wondering the following;

    1. how do they perform and compare with engines of today
    2. Do they lend themselves to DCC conversion easily
    3. What is max grade and number of cars they can handle
    4. Do you have an owners manual with any info on maintenance
    5. Has anyone ever seen a write-up on these units in a magizine
    I would appreciate any info,


  2. storm

    storm Member

    that is one of the rairest loco ever made. My boss at the hobbie shop has one. overland tryed to make 800. of the 800 only 80 ever worked and the rest were used as parts. the loco will only go around corners with the side frains tha move on the inside. if it is on the out side the radus has to be over 32" or the side rods will fall out. i would not run this loco as there is no way to fix it if it brakes. i would like to know what u payed for it. my boss has been offered $2000 canadian for it and he turned it down.
  3. chucke

    chucke New Member

    3 Truck Shay

    Storm - you have a PM

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