OV-10 Bronco from ModelArt/Zarkov (Black Ponies Edition)

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by DavidESP, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Its Great!!! keep it up sir!!! :inw:
  2. DavidESP

    DavidESP Member

    Hello all, been working on the model bit by bit all week but also making and modifying some of the armament. This version of the Bronc from Model Art comes with an extra page with 5" rocket launchers (4 quad mounts) for mounting under the fuselage. Pictures of the aircraft during the Viet Nam time frame indicate these launchers and also 2.75" launchers (7 rockets) and twin launchers under the wings. Did some research for the 2.75" launcher dimensions and opened up a simple 2d CAD program and got to work. Here's the results:
    The rocket tubes for the wing mounts were cut down from the quad mounts and the mounting rail is of my design. The 2.75" launcher is all mine.

    Here's a shot of all of the armament ready for mounting:

    Here is a shot looking at the bottom and then one from each side:

    Well, that brings this up to date. Weather here is going to be lousy all weekend, so I'm sure I'll get more completed.

  3. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    That's Shweet dude.. Looking very cool. I forgot about armament. I know some broncs where carrier based? I wonder if there was any provision for them in that local? I'm thinking they are STOL but then with the armament perhaps they would use a cat? Just musing though..

    Great creative work on the bronc..

    I live in Canada and we're supposed to snow all weekend too. Unfortunately for me house work is on the list of things to do...Brrr and Grrrr.. :p
  4. glennewing

    glennewing New Member

    As a VAL-4 Plank Owner/Aviator I am very pleased to see the interest in the OV-10 and, in particular, the Black Ponies. I see that you are using the grey rather than the original green color scheme. Are you able to impliment such details as the "big" pitot tube on the nose, the Zunni tubes on the Sidewinder rails, etc? If you need some tech info I could probably find my NATOPS manual.
  5. DavidESP

    DavidESP Member

    Hey Ronson, thanks. The Marines flew some Broncs off of carriers (regular and large helo), in fact Wikipedia has pictures of one on the Saratoga and one on the Nassau. States that they were not catapult takeoffs.

    As far as the snow goes, lived there, did that, no more.sign1

  6. glennewing

    glennewing New Member

    The OV-10 was certified for carrier operations. With 30 knots or so of wind over the deck and the very low stall speed allowed by the Bronco's fowler flaps there was no need for a tailhook. They were deck launched, i.e., no cat.

    The Bronco is STOL. But when you hang about 8000 lbs of ordnance on a 8000 lb a/c it does take a bit of a takeoff roll.
  7. DavidESP

    DavidESP Member

    Glennewing, I was posting when you posted, I am basing most of the mods to photos on the Black Ponies Website, in particular the Cruise Book. I believe the pilot tube will be the large one. In the last pictures, you can see the 2.75" 7 round launchers and the wing mounted Zunnis. Glad you like it.
    Thanks for the update on the carriers.

    I'm a retired CWO4, served in the Navy from 72-99.

    PD, glennewing, Ronson2k sent me some great Remove Before Flight tags and it would be great if you could give me an idea as to were they go. Also, I hope to build the canopy with the doors opened which side was the normally opened side or was it both?

    Lots of thanks.
  8. glennewing

    glennewing New Member

    I would need to check about the precise locations of the safety pins. Obviously they would be for the ejection seats, the landing gear and the ordnance. As for the canopy, entry to the cockpit was from the starboard side. I don't recall whether or not the port side opened. Guess I should go looking for that NATOPS manual. My memory is showing its age. And so is the rest of me!
  9. Cybermac

    Cybermac Member

    Very good job Hombre!!

  10. DavidESP

    DavidESP Member

    Hello all, nothing new to post guys, I haven't been able to work on the model since Friday. Got a intestinal infection and well, better left untold.

    Feeling somewhat better now and hopefully I get back to work shortly.

  11. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    Hope you feel better soon..
  12. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

  13. ltla9000311

    ltla9000311 Member

    OV-10, good choice!

    DavidESP, you have done an outstanding job on building this aircraft!:thumb: I haven't attemted to build a commercial model in a long time, this is making the pendulum swing in that direction! Did I see a post earlier on that someone was recoloring this model in the red, white and black color scheme of CalFire? If so I would love to attempt to build that one! This last summer, here in Fresno (Central California) CalFire had one stationed at the Fresno International Airport. Along with the S2T Turbo Tracker and the occasional P2V, P3 Orion, DC-6 and the occasional Skycrane. I have some old pictures from the early 90's of the OV-10 at Mather AFB right after CalFire, (then the CDF) bought the OV-10's to replace the aging Cessna O-2's. If I can dig them out I'll scan them and send them your way if you would like. Anyways let me know in a PM, it might take me awhile to find them, but they might be useful! keep up the good work!
  14. ltla9000311

    ltla9000311 Member

  15. ltla9000311

    ltla9000311 Member

    By the way, ML Cardmodels? Do you have a good link for them? I don't buy too much online these days, but I WILL buy your repaint of the OV-10. Here is another link that might be of some use for other projects, although, it is a plastic modelling site. :p


    Let me look thru my recent pictures on disc and see if I might have anything I can send your way.
  16. ml5716111

    ml5716111 Guest

    You are invited to visit the store.
  17. DavidESP

    DavidESP Member

    Hello all, haven't abandoned ship on this one, just been busy taking care of some things and not much time on the model. What I have completed is the external fuel tank and both props.

    The fuel tank:

    The props:

    I'm starting to work on the canopy, I want to do some things with it so it may take a little while.

    By the way, thanks to Itla9000311, your comments and offer are much appreciated although the photos at this point are not really needed. ML Cardmodels, in my case and with friends of mine, has been completely professional. I have received the download link in hours and at the most the next morning after ordering from them. The Cal Fire bird should be a good one. Give it a shot.

  18. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    Those props are amazing. Great work. Glad your back in the pink too. Did you put decals on the props?

    I was thinking you could use a bit of (Liquid Paper) or white out to extend the stripe all the way around the prop. The areas where the blade is black where it should have the white and red stripe. I'm thinking it would be white/red all the way around the blade.

    Smooth Coverage Liquid Paper

    Comes in White and other colors but nothing that matches the red. You could paint edge white. Then extend the red stripe using a red sharpy or something like that. The red won't work over the black I'm sure.

    - Should be able to find that (if you don't have some already) at your local Staples or other office supply store

    Great job on the drop tanks too.

    Looking forward to the flip top on this one. Keep up the great work.

    Update (Props)

    - The blades you've made are 2D that is there is no curve to them. You with the coloring make them look 3D. By highlighting the edge of the blade. This could take some experimentation. The tip area of the blade if you're careful and just put the white along the edge it will look like a highlight for the Red portion of the blade. They perhaps could improve the graphic on the blade to make it look 3D with a texture. I can show you one I made myself some time ago that will illustrate what I mean.


    This is a much smaller version then the one I used in the graphic. But you can see how relief shading gives it a 3D effect.. I did the prop in a 3D modeling program (Blender) then colored it outside as the lighting would have been hard to get right as a CG model.

    I whipped this up for you.. ;)

  19. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    Not to sure of the data on the blade? Did what I could from your images. It's mostly to show you what you can do with the relief shading on the blades.
  20. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    cool, just... cool... :inw:

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