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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Canopus, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Canopus

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    I'm not an N gauge modeller, I'm an 009 gauge modeller (british narrow gauge), but since the locomotives use N gauge chassis, and since all I'm after is the chassis, I figured I'd put my question in here.

    I need an outside-framed chassis (flycranks and all), so my question is, are there any kits or ready-to-run models in N-gauge that have an outside frame arrangement? I've tried google searching and have come up with nothing at all. I'm attempting to scratchbuild an outside framed locomotive but this has so far proven very difficult.
  2. sumpter250

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    If you're working in 3.5mm=1' scale, the only outside frame I can think of is the MDC HOn3 consolidation kit. Where these kits are not currently being produced, you will have to rely on finding a hobby shop, or distributer, or ebay sale, where you can purchase one of these kits. This would give you axels, counterweights, and frame.
    Just curious, what outside frame loco?
  3. Canopus

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    No outside frame loco in particular, it's a "freelance" scratch building project. I'll probably base it around a collection of features from various locomotives that I find visually appealing. For instance I like saddle tanks, coal bunkers that sit in front of the cab, and big lamps. (the Darjeeling Himalayan 0-4-0's being one of my favourites)

    Essentially I do not mind what kind of locomotive it is... anything with an outside frame would be fantastic as I love the appearance of them. They always look so graceful, both stationary and in motion.
  4. Triplex

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    Outside-frame engines aren't common on standard gauge. The only ones I know of are 3-foot gauge.
    So part of this is right, and part is wrong. He's in 4mm scale, 27" gauge. Therefore, this kit won't be of use unless it can be re-gauged.
  5. Canopus

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    I am in general having very little luck modelling 009, so I'm considering changing to On30, which appears to cater to my needs a lot more.

    I guess you're right in that standard gauge isn't really the kind of place for outside frame, since the technology itself is really best used on narrow gauge locomotives where there is little room inside the frame, and where the small wheels but large body requires heavy counterweights to stop gaiting and to keep momentum. 009 is also, as I have learned through my attempts to scratchbuild outside frame locomotives in this scale, impractical for this particular wheel arrangement if one is working in plastic rather than whitemetal, etched nickel or etched brass.

    I shall repose my question in the On30 forum and see how I do. Thankyou both for your help. :thumb:

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