outputing 3d view from pepakura

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    Is there any way to output the 3d model exploded view from pepakura?

    It would make my making assembly directions a whole lot easier.
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    just use screencapture like hypersnap to capture your desktop screen when u unfold it with pepakura...not a good idea but just my 2 cents idea. ;)

    ARMORMAN Guest

    better than what I have now....where can I find it?
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    Just hit the 'Print Screen/Sys Rq' button on your key board; it is just right of the F12 key. This will put the current screen as an image file into your clipboard. Then open your paint program and Paste from the Clipboard. In Paint Shop Pro this command is under the Edit menu. You can then edit as any other bitmap image. Just remember if you use the clipboard again, your file will be overwritten with the new selection. The screengrab utilities are very handy as they will save a sequence of screen grabs as seperate images.

    Tim P

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