Outland Shuttle

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  1. Hot4Darmat

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    I've always wanted one, so I decided to design one for paper. Its still a work in Progress on the mesh side, but its getting closer. It may take some time before release, as I'll be building a vanilla beta version before texturing it.

    It looks complex, and it will have lots and lots of parts (I wanted a fairly high detail one), but most of the parts will be variations of the simple box, so all it will require to make is patience. Here is a WIP mesh screenie.

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  2. Hot4Darmat

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    Here's an updated picture, reflecting some of my progress over the Xmas break. All I need to do now is finish putting the greeblies on the top and ends.

    Much of the detail on this model (panels, pipes, etc.) will be in the texture, but some will be in thicker panel parts and some in additional raised (3D) parts.

    Go to Martin Bower's model site to get a look at the original studio model, so you can see what I'm working from, and how incredibly detailed the model was. It was designed and built in the same era and style as Alien, so you can see some of the influences of the times in this vessel's design, which may be one of the reasons I like it so much. Plus it just looks like a heavy duty working beast of a spaceship.

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  3. Ron Caudillo

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    Nice design!

    Thanks for considering this model to design! Outland has been one of my favorites so I really appreciate this one!

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  4. Hot4Darmat

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    The most complex parts will be the landing gear. After that will be the thruster arms. Here is a closer look at the gear. These will be the fiddliest bits to make, but the good news is that there is a lot of repetition in this model, so that things can be built assembly line style, for those modellers like me who get into a kind of part-making groove. Below that is a close up of one of the thruster arms.

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  5. Stev0

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    Hey this is a great model. Do you have any pictures of the shuttle from the movie ... I can't remember this vehicle despite remembering the movie.

    I tried to search online without luck.

    ps. did I mention I like the digital model? =)
  6. Gixergs

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    Hi Stevo Outland the Great Martin Bower shows the building of the studio model
  7. Hot4Darmat

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    Yes, I have lots of pictures, some from Mr. Bower's site, some from screen captures while watching the DVD (the shuttle is featured onscreen for a total time of about 45 seconds), and some from the man himself (he is a true gentleman, and replied generously to my queries, and was most helpful, when I pestered him about this model). His site is:


    go to "outland" on the side menu. The model has quite a history. It was built incredibly quickly, built to be supported at different shooting angles by armatures, had piping in it for the thruster blasting gas effects, and wiring in it for a bunch of lights. It weighed a ton, and was simply chucked into a waste bin a few years after the movie wrapped. It was miraculously salvaged from the dumpster by an employee who recognized it and returned it to Martin Bower, who painstakingly restored it, then decided to sell it by auction through a reputable house, because his family needed some cash at the time. unfortunately, the auctioneers simply ignored his appropriately set minimum reserve and sold it for some incredibly cheap sum to a collector in the UK, leaving him somewhat bitter about the whole thing. I think he wishes he just kept it, after all that work.

    Anyhoo, here's a picture or two of the studio model (from his site, and without his permission).

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  8. Hot4Darmat

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    Wow, just looking at it again, I've already found a few more errors that need fixing. Like I said, it's still a WIP.
  9. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    OK, I fixed the thruster arm problems I saw, for the most part, added in the thruster arm end attitude thruster cylinders, and some more detailing to the upper surface.

    Egad, the part count is mounting quickly. After the beta build, I may be simplifying it some.

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  10. Hot4Darmat

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    The untextured mesh is pretty much finished. Now to the vanilla test build, experiment with the size of the model, work out the parts layout and create the assembly instructions. That and texture it.

    I'll post the beta build stuff in a thread in the science fiction models section. I'm not aiming for perfect accuracy to the studio model, but a compromise between something that resembles it, and will look cool, and be a build-able card model.

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  11. Hot4Darmat

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    Here are a few more images of the mesh in pepakura. I still have some cleaning to do, and this is just for the overall view. I have another version for the actual working file, since there's so much repetition in it, it only needs to unfold one thruster arm, one end, and one leg.

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  12. gippolot

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    Looking REAllY good so far Hot4.

    Think I'll have to rent the movie again. From memory it was pretty good.

  13. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member


    Watch it again, if you like...it was OK but I'm not sure I'd really recommend it. I still think High Noon did that kind of story better. There are a few things about it that are just so incredibly ridiculously inaccurate (and they even knew so at the time they made it, but chose to ignore some simple scientific facts). I'm no detail monger, and I can swallow a whole pile of silliness if its in the service of a good yarn, good atmosphere or the development of a decent character, but the whole thing about people blowing up and going splat like overcooked tomatoes in vacuum was kind of hard to take. That and the blood dripping up in the prison cell scene just made me guffaw. There are a few other truck size logic holes in the plot but they didn't really bug me too much, and the "working-miners-in-space" tone and action were pretty cool. Connery, Boyle and Sternhagen put in some really solid performances, too.

    What I really loved were the sets, and the models used to create the setting. The shuttle, and the time of its arrival plays an important role in the movie, but is shown for only a few seconds, and in shadowy glimpses at best. When I saw it in clear light at Martin Bower's site, I just had to have one.
  14. Gearz

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    Howdy Duncan! I just caught your ref to this project in another thread..

    Yeeeahhh... that's.. one... uuugglyyy.. ship... I LOVE IT ! ~ I've got a real soft spot for 'industrial quality' hardware, I recon their like a car crash ~ you know it going to be ugly ~ but you just can't look away from them. As much as its an attractive ideal, I think its going to be a loonngg time before we take 'shiny' 'happy happy joy joy' in to deep space, so I can definitely see this vessel howling around the system carrying a crew of totally disinterested lads.. mmm... it wouldn't need much of a stretch of the imagine to see it in military colours either.. Yep.. an interesting ship to dev..

    I admire your diligence and accuracy with the 3D work ~ Most Excellent.! builders are going to have a field day with the plating on this puppy.. !! I haven't seen the movie and although the pix don't show it, the splayed struts for the landing legs + engine nacelle's, sort of give it a 'carry all' look.. is/was that centre lower section a detachable cargo container..? If so it would open up few interesting possibilities for alternate loads.

    Martins model is a BIGGIN' what sort of scale/size are you planning on? and are you kewl for textures..? I found a site with lotz of stock photo's of metal plating .. somewhere.... heaps of rusty/ riveted stuff ~ I'll try to dig em up if you'd like anything.

    I'm loath to make any suggestions Duncan, as I'm sure you've already considered how your going to tackle the textures, but this ship looks like a marriage made in heaven for a card subject, and its really got my gravy flowing.. ~ Do plenty of experimenting with the textures, just think direction light source..! plenty of contrast, shadow and grime in the corners...

    Can't wait for some pix on this one..!

  15. Jaybats

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    Don't expose them to sunlight.
    Don't give them any water.
    Never, never ever feed them after midnight.

    Because if you do...

    ...they unfold.
  16. Hot4Darmat

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    Thanks for the comments and support. I had to pause there for abit with real life demands, but I'm back at it. I've been playing with textures and thanks to jaybats and Gearz previous words of guidance on this issue, I think I'm getting it...at least some of it. I have created some textures I'm very happy with, and have some nice grease and rust streaks that will make this nicely dirtied when done.

    The test build of the main corpus is done, and I'm working on the landing gear next. So far so good. The scale I'm working in now is too small for some of the finicky buts, so I'll be beefing up the scale for the next iteration. It makes the greeblies easier to manage as well.

    The cargo holds on this vessel are those four big panel things on the sides of the lower hull. They are basically slots into which many many shipping containers (standard sized, I think) fit. There is a gantry crane that can unload them that travels in the central channel in the middle of the main hull (on that studio model...not mine).

    I'll post pics of the test build soon, maybe here, maybe in the appropriate sci fi section. We'll see.

    Thanks again for the texture advice and offerings. I may be calling on you...
  17. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    After building most of the main body, I had to scrap it all and redo the parts layout. The scale was too small. When I got to the landing gear the teeny bits were way too small for my big ol mitts to assemble. So I'm back at it in even bigger scale, reworking some textures (gonna look real beat up), and easier to make parts. Pics coming soon.
  18. Hot4Darmat

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  19. budding author

    budding author New Member

    con am shuttle

    excellant work I'v always wanted to build this ship
    would it be ok if I used the plans for my work

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