Out of the Fog

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by railohio, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. railohio

    railohio Active Member

    Here's a shot from earlier this week, an eastbound NS coal train going through Archbold, Ohio on Wednesdsay, September 10th.

    Wouldn't it be great to have a fog machine on our layouts? :D

    Nikon CoolPix 2500, 12.5mm, 1/227.8 at f/4.1, +0.7 EV compensation

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  2. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Cool shot! Thanks for sharing.
  3. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Cool idea! How about a little dry ice? (hidden behind a view block of course!)

    :D Val
  4. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    That is an awesome photo of the coal train coming out of the fog.
  5. rcwatkins

    rcwatkins Member

    that is a suhweeeet pic. when I say suhweeeet it means something is really cool.

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