Out of control T-Maxx.......HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by daytondaft, Jan 28, 2004.

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  1. daytondaft

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    i bought a new t-maxx about a month and a half ago. and during break in it went out of control and smashed into a curb at almost top speed(rough start for my first gas powered truck)luckly i only striped the spur gear. So i got a failsafe(Venom)after that and finished break-in and it has been running fin untill this past weekend i was out a construction site driving it and it went out of control again i could do nothing but watch it go faster and faster and faster. luckly is only hit a bush and died on is own. but i was woundering why it is still losing radio frequency with a failsafe and i had just replaced all of the 2AA batteries the day before it happened. would a cell phone have to do anything about it because i did lose control of the t-maxx about the same time as my friend answered his cell phone. so i am open to any suggestions about this and what i can do to fix it because i know i have gotten lucky these first two times but the next time i lose radio signal i will probable be investion a large chunk of $$$$$$$$ to fix whatever breaks.
  2. dudex

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    never heard of a cell phone creating iterference, but i guess its possible. put on a throttle return spring, cause fail safes sometimes fail themselves. It could have been any number of things that went wrong though. If you got the fail safe wet at any time, it could have stopped working. A wire could have come loose when going over a jump, etc.
  3. pike

    pike Member

    id suggest a new radio bcuz what you got must be a piece of #@$% get a fm radio at least but if you invest in a high end fm/am radio (I think wildhobbies.com mentioned one) you wont even get interference under power lines or stupid crap like that but never heard of a cell phone causeing any interference.

    it could also be your antenna wasn't set up the way it's supposed to be it tells you in the manual, your freq crystals may be damaged, your receiver could be damaged, if you got it wet you could have wrecked some wires or electronics, something like a wire could have come loose check for that kind of stuff.

    and your fail safe isn't set up right I don't think bcuz you said it just took off, aren't they supposed to stop the car when it loses radio contact or if you got it wet maybe that's why also
  4. pike

    pike Member

    if you can't tell what's wrong maybe a vist to your lhs (local hobby shop) would help or go to the one you bought it from.
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