Our terminator papercraft 1/1

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  1. Neo1975

    Neo1975 New Member

    The Endo Rifle would make a great addition. Jan's Work is remarkable. Well done on the lifesize model. Are you going to add electronics , RED Led's for eyes etc ?
  2. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    Thanks No electronics for this model... it's to late... Perhaps the next ;)
  3. pelletierrick

    pelletierrick New Member

    your terminator model?sculptor is looking great
  4. pelletierrick

    pelletierrick New Member

    awsome endo rifel is it a paper model or are you going to PM it as well?
  5. pelletierrick

    pelletierrick New Member

    coming along nicely
  6. pelletierrick

    pelletierrick New Member

    I had the hardest time with the groin servos and ended up making mine a ball sockett out of paper mache i couldnt resist the irony
  7. pelletierrick

    pelletierrick New Member

    back when I did mt terminator there were no pattern or relly any good pics and the hardesst parts were the servos as in how big or short or long to make them according to the pose
  8. Judge

    Judge New Member

    I've just noticed that the files are not available from the site you linked to. Maybe just me.
  9. tnbrad

    tnbrad New Member

    try a google seach for endo rifle modle
  10. Tintellaar

    Tintellaar Member

    Is there a pattern out there for the head or endo?
  11. Tintellaar

    Tintellaar Member

    I ment the endoskeleton...
  12. l0rdg

    l0rdg New Member

    now that is sooo awesome!!1
  13. dnalor

    dnalor Active Member

    hi..i don't know where to ask.
    but are there more then 1 terminators in papercraft?
    i found this link

    but when you scroll down you can see 2 terminators..
    are they the same with a different pose or are there more?

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