Our terminator papercraft 1/1

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  1. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    Hello, my wife and I started to realize the terminator
    endoskeleton 1 / 1 in papercraft, she is cutting / editing and I
    the painting ...

    Here's where we are:
    Beginning of the painting, we stressed the reliefs with a
    thick paint, in this case the Windows Color order to make
    out in chrome and can be found to return to
    black after ...

    So I started with a sub-layer of varnish in the first car bomb
    test performed on the lower jaw without varnish was
    disastrous ... in fact, traces of glue then emerged brilliant
    that everything else was dull; varnish rectifies this error and I must say
    that we are quite pleased with the outcome.

    Judge for yourself:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    After brushing on black embossed edges ....
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    remains to paint the teeth and eyes to follow ...

    Edit: suit:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    Beautiful. Is this a scratchbuild? Where did you get the patterns from?
  3. Red

    Red Member

    Could you post the name brand of the varnish that you say to use before you paint or more instructions on how to get the chrome finish

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  4. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    hello, it is colorless gloss varnish spray, applied with emphasis because paper absorbs a lot ... then a layer of chrome spray paint.

  5. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    Hello, this is a model operator scale 1 / 2 that I have expanded with the software posteriza
  6. Riddick

    Riddick Member


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    to be continued...
  7. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    new update after painting torso:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ELSOCRAFT Member


    Wow Riddick !! yours model is looking like the original 1:2 one!!
    You are doing a great job !
    I waiting more pics !

    go on ! ;)
  9. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    Hi my friend Elsocraft,I am happy to have your opinion as you, you do a superb task.I wait your new pictures you look like you mine! ;)thanks !

    PS: yours may be even more beautiful, because of the work done!:eek:
  10. Riddick

    Riddick Member


    ELSOCRAFT Member


    Very cool my friends !! it is looking great !!:thumb:

    I think we and all arround the world making this T-800s......we all are SKYNET !!


    go on !
  12. Maico Shark

    Maico Shark Guest

    Love it...we have to put in a video only forum.
  13. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    Thank you to you friends.

    When he finished, I'll do a better video quality. :oops:
  14. Riddick

    Riddick Member

  15. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    Update ( no painting)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    to be continued...

    ELSOCRAFT Member


    Well it going great !!
    I see you combine some anothers materials how you make the pistons ? it is a plastic pipe ?
  17. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    Hello :)

    yes it is ,and I use stem wood and
    pipes are in electrical duct son​

    ELSOCRAFT Member


    oh ok !! I will use a metalic housepipe use in badrooms for the pice that go to shoulders to the chest !

    It looks so real !! ;)
  19. Riddick

    Riddick Member

    Ok,Thanks,I know it.

    and you, or you are on your endo? ;)

    ELSOCRAFT Member


    I take a break ...but I start the paint process soon ! I have to finish it first Terminator Salvation DVD come !! :p

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