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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by gera, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. gera

    gera Member

    Hi Everyone:
    Like all fridays I stay up late and build, send in commnets and photos, surf the net and just enjoy myself here in my den with my kits. I was just going through some of my very old kits. I have some dating 1969 !!!!
    I remember when I ordered some from an old dealer in California back in 1971.They were Wilhelmshavener kits and I still have the I-16 Rata, which I think they still print, and for you "ship lovers" the great " Hilfskreuzer STIER" :) :) which I have not seen lately in their catalog. I also have many Maly Kits form back 1975 to 1980......I use to get these directly from Poland when I lived in Guatemala, They took over 2 months on the good old snail mail:eek: :eek:
    SO.. how about sending in some photos of your "REALLY Old Stuff" so we can all enjoy those good old days again??????....Tomorrow I'll post some really oldies............... :lol:
  2. ssebitro

    ssebitro New Member

    J have a PZL-37 "Los" (bomber) from Maly Modelarz 1964 :D
  3. adensley

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    So when did the first commercial paper/card models become available? And where?

    This is actually quite a fascinating subject.


  4. charliec

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  5. Swinger

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    Beware. If this Hs 123 had been printed in the thirties, why hasn't it got swastikas painted on its tail? :/

    Anyway, I've heard that before or during the war card modelling was practised in Hitlerjugend or sth...

    As for me, I've got quite many Maly Modelarz kits from the sixties (and two MON models too) - my father's friend gave me them maybe 10 years ago.
  6. ssebitro

    ssebitro New Member

    Few months ago Maly Modelarz No 1 from 1957 was sold in Allegro. It cost 400 USD :lol:
  7. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    When was the first cardmodel published and by whom?

    Submtted by Gil

    P.S. Extra points for those who can reveal when the publishing concern declared insolvency...,
  8. DN

    DN Member

    I can't answer this question, but here is the oldest card/paper model I've seen. It was published in Germany in 19th Century (1890ies I suppose) and I took this picture during 2002 Nautical Guild Meeting in Philadelphia.
    The owner and builder of this model (unfortunately I lost his name), of course didn't cut and built the original. This is a build from a copy - the original is framed and kept safe.
  9. wunwinglow

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    John Merrick built a card model of the hospital he stayed in, but I think he drew this one up himself. Who John Merrick? The Elephant Man.

    The British Victorians were very fond of tabletop model theatres, and sold pre-printed stages, characters and scripts so children (and not-so children!) could amuse themselves recreating the classics and hit shows of the day. The printed sheets were sold coloured, or uncoloured, so the buyer could decorate them with watercolours. The precoloured ones were more expensive, hence the phrase, 'Penny plain, twoppence coloured'.

    I am sure I have seen examples of these in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

    Tim P
  10. FredZ KSAC

    FredZ KSAC Member

    Old Paper Kits

    OK, here is the list of what I have for old timers. All Wilhelmshavener, all from 1964, all brought back from Germany by a modeling buddy of mine.
    1:50 Aircraft - English Electric Lightning F1, F8U-2 Crusader, FW 190, Me 109K-16, Ju 88,, He 111, Ar 196A-3, Douglas DC-3, 1:250 Ships - SS(N) 571 Nautilus, Zerstorer, Leipzig and the Wilhelmshavener Catalog from the same period. I have built the biplane that was offered on E-Bay, [built it 35 years ago! :shock: ] Very nice kit but I doubt that it was printed as long ago as stated - buyer beware. I recently built a Hawker Sea Hawk F. Mk 4 for Marcus's recent contest and they still make a nice model. This kind of stuff sure gives away our age, doesn't it???
  11. Maurice

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  12. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Nice sites.

    Another interesting factor is that modern paper manufacture from wood pulp began in large scale (at least in North America) around 1857 making newsprint affordable for the masses. The history of industrial papermaking is an interesting one..., the cardboard index is still a solid indicator of economies as it directly measures the requirements for cardboard required to box and ship products.

    Now to track down the origins of quality card stock suitable for precise offset prints.

    Best, Gil

    P.S. We are all skilled fiber sheet manipulators.
  13. shrike

    shrike Guest

    The oldest I've got fall more into the toy soldier catagory. A nice big sheet of cut-out soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire circa 1915. I assume they were a replacement for the more traditional lead soldiers with the lead going to the war-effort.
  14. cecil_severs

    cecil_severs Member

    My oldest are the classic Rigby airplane models from 1942/43. If you can find a set in good condition it's amazing how well they hold up. And they build a fairly decent model (from scans of course!). Rigby was a master designer and builder. He often entered rubber powered versions of his models in competion against all comers!

  15. gera

    gera Member

    some of my old Maty models. I have more than 30 of these.
  16. gera

    gera Member

    And some of the Wilhelmshavener models. And the catalog I ordered from back in 1967-69
  17. gera

    gera Member

    ........... :shock:

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