Our Layout (Info and pics to share as goes up)

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by grandpacoyote, Dec 16, 2006.

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    Nice start you have , it'll be real interesting to see how you utilize the foam top.:wave:
  3. [​IMG] Nice work! Keep it up! I can't wait to see this finished! [​IMG]
  4. And why is this on page 3 suddenly?...

    Update please.
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    Finally! Someone else who's used Mianne benchwork and is happy with it! I am not a carpenter and have no interest whatsoever in becoming one, so I, too, did my due diligence and settled on Mianne. I got the first setup for a 6' x 20' semi-dogbone put up in 1/2 day. It has since been reconfigured to an 8' x 18' "donught"/shelf style plan. I like your plan; mine is about to morph into a point-to-point-with-continuous-running-option for non-operations visitors. Keep up the good work!
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    Wiley Old Dog,
    Would you please come out to NJ and plan and build my bench work?
    Nick:thumb: sign1
  7. Wiley used a company called Mianne for his benchwork; try reading the whole thread before you post. Saves a lot of face. sign1

    Anyways...Wiley where are you! More pics, updates, even just saying hello, SOMETHING to let us all know you're STILL AROUND!
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    Hello Gang;

    I was going to update the thread but it's taking me a bit to figure out the new changes... which look good btw :: thumbs up ::

    Can anyone tell me how I can edit the old posts I made? I searched and searched but don't seem to be able to find how to do it.. if I can figure it out I'll fix the pics and post up the recent layout work.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has an answer.

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    You can’t do it at the moment, because you don’t have an "edit" button in old posts. That’s one of the problems on the new Gauge that still need to be fixed. We are waiting for Peter to find the time to work on it and hopefully solve this problem.
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    Thank you for clearing that up form me sir. I'm sure it'll get taken care of; everything else is looking good.

    When it gets fixed I'll be sure and fix and update this thread.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Grandpacoyote. I too applaud your layout and design. It's going to be a "grand" layout :) The swingate is a really nice touch and I think you have executed its construction admirably, even if you do pronounce to have no carpentry skills, gotta disagree with you there ;) One small suggestion though to prolong the life of said gate. In image 002 I would add a small strip of ALMOST horizontal scrap/strip wood to the face of the main woodwork somewhere in the region of that writing and knot hole discolouration to act as a guide and ramp to snug the swing section up against the overhang as it travels the last few inches. (With the bias being a VERY slight LHS down to act as a lead in for the gate) Start the ramp inside of the main layout overhang so it does not act as a binding/ locking point.
    This small addition will have the advantage of negating any slight warping or sagging due to wood expansion and contraction over time, temp and slight variations in humidity. Also any wear or movement caused bt the weight of the gate on the hinge attachment point and pin itself. It looks like you have something similar for the gate in the OPEN position in one of the other images 007 and 008 meant as a support tacked onto the underside of the benchwork in this case.
    Can't wait to see more pics of your progress :)

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