Ottawa (ON) Union Station

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by MasonJar, May 18, 2004.

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    Andrew: Thanks for the pictures. I used to go into Ottawa Union all the time when the family went up by train (from Perth). I never managed to get across the river, though. I have a painting (print) of the station with steam engines hanging in the front hall.
    It's too bad that they moved the station out so that it would serve Montreal equally well.
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    Only in Ottawa!

    What a bunch of foolish bureaucrats and politicians!!

    To abandoned this marvellous building with it's fine history and splendid design, is simply baffling

    To replaced it by that ugly, no personality, soulless, under-construction-looks and amateur design, that's more fitted for a provincial regional branch line is simply unbelievable!

    That ugly monster is certainly not fitted to be "the station" of the Nation Capital. What a joke!!

    At least Montreal and Toronto have more “common sense” and kept their stations intact.
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    The policy in the 60s was that "for your convenience" the Rly stations would be moved farther out of town than the airports. I don't know how many places it was actually applied in, but Ottawa was the most visible.
    (Maybe I do -- how many towns don't have a station at all any more?)
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    Delete the whole brainfade post and start over!

    Nice pictures, thanks. Had been to the 'new' station years ago, no wonder the pictures did not quite match the memory. Are those scale model locomotives in the display cases still in the 'new' location?
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    Thanks for the great pix Andrew!!!! Toronto's Union station has been threatened as well with demolition (in the 80's I think) but there was such a public outcry that it was instead designated under the Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act (in 1989). Trains still operate out of the station.

    It's too bad that Ottawa's Union Station no longer serves trains, but at least the building is still intact.

    :thumb: Val
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    Hi Val,

    After your post, I must point out the irony that while the "new" station is protected under Heritage designation, the old one is not... :?: Try to figure that out.

    And Glen - as far as I know, the models are still there. I haven't been in a while though, so you never know...


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