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  1. 13Mtrainer

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    right now i really enjoy playing paintball and i love XBOX ummm i also like to build robots and small robotics of that nature i also like to collect old things i find at yard sales and stuff/ i like going to yard sales that about it until i get out of school.lol
  2. kf4jqd

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    Other Hobbies...Ham Radio

    My other non-railroad hobby is Ham Radio. Hence my call sign is KF4JQD :D You can find me on 3.913MHz (75m) and 146.850MHz (2m). Being a Ham Operator has advantages to railfanning. Alot of states bans the usage of mobile scanner radios in your cars. As a Ham Operator, our radio's are FCC certified before they reach the market. Most of curent radios that are on today's market can recieve police, fire, and yes railroad. AND it's legal! :thumb: We are also concidered civil servants too. Help help out in times of need.

    73 (Best Regaurds),
    Andy KF4JQD

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  3. abutt

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    Hi Andy...N1CLZ here in CT. I didn't mention this in my past posting as to hobbies, I was afraid with so many hobbies people would think I'm nuts! I'm not an active Ham anymore. Just not enough hours in the day. Am seriously thinking of putting my low-band Icom and accessories on Ebay and just going back to 2m for mobile.

    Ham was more important to me when I was working and 2m was the way I commuted to work. I can't tell you how many times that saved my butt knowing what the traffic was all the time. Model railroading as always been my primary hobby.

    73's, Allan (abutt)
  4. kf4jqd

    kf4jqd Active Member

    Hey Allen:

    Do you have a 2m\70cm base antena? I need one! email me if you do.

    Andy KF4JQD
  5. As you can see from my avatar, I play hockey as a goalie. I also brew my own beer. They taste great while doing secenery.
  6. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Cool!!! I hear it's a good game :)
  7. shaygetz

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    :thumb: Often wonder where some folks get their handles on this forum...might make for a good thread.
  8. CDJr

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    I like restoring and/or rebuilding classic cars. Presently, Im in the midst of building a 68 Firebird...if its got wheels and goes fast, I like it! I even race NASCAR simulators online when I have time. And like Cory, I just dont feel right unless I have music playing, gotta love that old time rock-n-roll. :D
    As far as handles go, Shay, Im not very creative so I always just use my name lol.........CDJr (Charlie Davenport Jr.) ;)
  9. green_elite_cab

    green_elite_cab Keep It Moving!

    My non railroad hobby has always been Airplanes. I never get tired of B29s, P51s, all of that. Unfortuneately all my model aircraft meet unfortunate ends. ironicly, almost all of them where crushed under giant boxes on 3 seperate occasions. I just recently finished a B29 that i need to decal for the "Big Time Operator".

    I've seen just about everything after I went to the air force museum. I've actualy spotted flying over my house, a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber ( i was young and i thought it was a UFO. it was out in broad daylight!), a B17G, B24M, TBM Avenger, and a P51. Occaisonaly i'll see some A10s, F16s, and lots of KC10/KC135s. I may have seen a P47 and a Corsair out and flying, but i'm not entirely sure. I'd trad a cabride in a 4-8-4 for a chance to fly in the last flyable B29.

    personaly i think the airplanes prepared me for trains. I got some good modeling skills, and i know what to look for in identifying things. now instead of how many engines, its how may radiators ( or wheels on a steam engine) and i know what to look for in a seconds notice

    I've also built 2 model ships, a USS Iowa, and the Tirpitizs. I'm starting on my biggest ever model, a 1/350 Tamiya USS New Jersey. I
  10. screen

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    Back in the 70's my hobbies were model railroading and drag racing(drove an alci. funny car) - got out of both due to jobs that took all my time!

    Three years ago I hurt my back and had to slow down - joined a Catfish forum(just like the Guage - great people and loads of fun) - so now I fish, do a little woodworking and got the railroad collection out and am building a new layout!

    The people of this forum have no idea how great this place is!!!!!!!!!!
  11. max diyer

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    Hey Bob, you ought to start the new thread. :thumb:
  12. glenn railey

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    I enjoy camping, woodworking, photography, gardening, squaredancing, and most anything on a computer. I intend to learn to play the dulcimer. I am a HUGE COLLEGE FOOTBALL FAN.
    I don't seem to find the time to fit everything in though.

  13. davidstrains

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    I used to be a HAM many years ago (in the WN and KN era. K3CWB AND K0VEZ). I didn't continue with the hobby after college but wish that I had. I still enjoy listening to CW chat.

    I am into gardening, RVing and backpacking when I have time.
  14. Big_Al73

    Big_Al73 New Member

    I coach youth hockey, work for the local pro team in my town, play goalie. I also bass fish.
  15. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    Besides my model railroad, I like to play my organ

    Tried 7 times up upload a photo of my organ. No more.
  16. tonphil1960

    tonphil1960 Member


    Well, I am a "serious" armor modeler, spending hundreds of hours on a 1/35 scale vehicle. just finished my last? since I want to devote my time to MRR instead. We'll see what happens.

    I am an oil painter, landscapes, studio and on location. Love it

    I collect coins. on and off

    Canoeing, seasonal

    Bicycling, seasonal

    Surf Fishing when I can in the nice weather.

    With these hobbies I can stay busy all year long.

    Regards Tony:)
  17. RailRon

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    Apart from model railroading I am building, collecting and superdetailing models of racing cars of the 1950s to the '70s, mainly Ferraris and American sports racing cars. (After 1970 racing cars turned into rolling advertising displays, which I didn't like at all. That's why I don't collect models of more modern cars. :( )

    Way back in 1965 I also did some 1:1 racing in an Abarth 1000 Bialbero Coupé, but boy was I quickly out of money! All my savings were gone at the end of one single season! :rolleyes: :cry: So I reverted to modeling racing cars.

    Apart from modeling I like photography and do some painting. Again, I go for mostly technical subjects - above all trains and racing cars .

    When I find the time I'm also running trains on my computer (MS TRains Simulator and TRAINZ).

    And yes, most of the time there's some music around - mainly country music, old time jazz, gospel and Rock 'n Roll. I also used to sing in a Gospel and a church choir, but due to lack of new blood and an average age of 75plus we had to disband. Now I'm singing along while I'm working on my layout. :D :D :D


    PS: For you Americans, here's Dan Gurney in his Eagle winning the 1967 Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa-Francorchamps - love this Formula 1 racer! :thumb:

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  18. ReefBlueCoupe

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    Hey, it's a 93 LX coupe.. there are some pictures and sound clips here: www.lxcoupe.com - I recently rebuilt my 302 with a 347 kit and it's about 11:1 and makes approx. 400hp. Here's a list of mods: www.lxcoupe.com/mods.htm

    As far as firearms just a few, polished S&W 686 .357 4" and Glock 36 .45, plus a Winchester semi-auto shotgun.

    You have a Mustang?
  19. CDJr

    CDJr New Member

    You musta done a good job on that 302 to get 400 rwhp out of it :thumb: Have ya got it hookin up good yet? We must have similar tastes in guns too, cuz I have the same exact S&W, but my favorite to shoot is my Glock 23 .40 cal :D That S&W feels like a cannon after shooting a Glock, even moreso than wifeys Ruger .357 snub-nose purse gun. I could shoot that Glock all day long, but a couple of boxes through the S&W is usually plenty lol.
  20. ReefBlueCoupe

    ReefBlueCoupe Member

    Well it's now 347 cubic inches instead of 302, 11:1 compression, aluminum heads that flow a lot better than stock, mild cam, and an aftermarket intake along with a full exhaust system, induction upgrades, and fuel system upgrades. I love the car. I haven't gotten to drive it much this winter and the new engine only has about 1200 miles since I finished it last spring, but when it gets a little nicer I'll be out rippin it up! :D

    Go get yourself a box of Winchester Silvertips for that .357... they are very hot for an off the shelf round, and expensive at $25 for 50, but they are FUN to shoot!

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