OT: Middle Age Attacks!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Cannonball, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    I read your post and yes, that is something I have been at least moderately concerned with for several years. My biggest downfall being my cigarettes and a 4 can a day Mt. Dew habit. I'm working on getting rid of both. There's been enough diabetes in my family that I know I need to start minding my P's and Q's or I'll be in real trouble.
  2. pooka2hot4u

    pooka2hot4u Member

    well ok to kill this assault weapons/rifles discussion lets just leave it at guns. handguns are still more dangerous than beer. and a 2 ton chunk of steel that can speed down the road at 70mph is no better either
  3. Torpedo

    Torpedo Member

    If you are saying that an armed drunk driving down the Interstate with an attitude is scary, I have to agree. aussie
  4. paceway

    paceway New Member

    OK... here's the answer to the middle age problem. First of all stop worring about it and enjoy it. More people will die from the worring about a problem then will die from the problem.

    My solution is simple... When you turn 35 remove all clocks and calendars from your life and don't look back. :D

    I did thirty years ago and I'm still having a ball... sign1

    To be honest don't worry but you still have to pay attention to your body.... take care of it... you ain't going to get another one...
  5. santafewillie

    santafewillie Member

    Cannonball, it can be done. Work on one at a time if necessary. Don't sweat the blood pressure medication right now, they're easy enough to take. If your greater concern is diabetes then work on the soda first, it will be easier than the others. Diet ginger ale tastes ok to me...it's a good substitute for soda during the day. Fortunately I don't need to give up beer yet! Smoking is going to be harder, I was lucky that I gave it up 35 years ago, when the price went from 30 to 33 cents a pack! I quit cold-turkey. Getting the weight off will take some time unless you resort to artificial means which I don't recommend. Start with mild walking for 30 minutes a day, reduce meal intake, eliminate fast foods. Increase your excercise as you can. I was more comfortable and felt better at 20 pounds overweight than I am now at 35, something I'm working on more. I did give up my beloved beer for Lent so that should help. Good Luck with whatever approach you choose to take. Look forward to reading your posts for many years to come.

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