OT but cool: Anyone want a full size Akira bike?

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    I really can't tell much from the lnk...maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  3. Not that I've viewed it recently, not being a gem in my collection (pretentious attempt at animating together a few common Japanese live-action sci-fi concepts with over-loud sound effects but really good animation quality)...
    But wasn't Kaneda's bike electric?

    Then there is that huge chunk of questionable engineering in the center. How many changes in force direction and extra moving parts can you use before the failure rate makes it unuseable? Sure it's cool until it needs an overhaul -_-

    Some pictures here:
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    You've got to be "impressed" by the engineering of the chain drive. Just
    imagine the vibration and jolting from the drive when the chains get a bit slack. As in "great bike - pity you can't see much when you're riding 'cos your eyeballs vibrate so much"


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    Why didn't they put the engine towards the rear? Is it a cooling or a balance issue :?


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