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    Well as some of you know I was fortunate enough to make it to Oshkosh this year and took some pics(very few considering the amount of planes present) and I unfortuneately didn't make it to the museum but thought I would share some samples of what I took and if any of you are interested I can send you what I have.

    My main interest at Oshkosh was undoubtedly the Super Corsair and I have more pics of it than anything else. Most were up close and personal shots that I have never seen on the web(to use in designing my model) and I only have one really that shows alot of the whole plane. Here are 2 to give example of what I have:



    The second is the inside of the tailwheel gear door.

    This mustang amazingly enough is brand new. It was only completed a few months ago using original North American plans and is one of the only A model mustangs in flying condition.


    Eric Godecoop might be interested in this one (I have a few more pics):


    And here is another that might be of interest:


    I have pics of about five different beech staggerwing and some other planes.

    Let me know if you're interested in having more of them.
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    Great Shots! Did you have fun?

    Post the pictures. I for one can not have enough plane pictures!

    Hopefully you got what you needed to help with your Corsair........... nudge... nudge... wink... wink...:grin:

    All kidding aside, it's nice to be able to see things in person. I loved going the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola pictures can only do so much.......... crawling around and poking you head in the nooks and crannies has no substitute!

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    Go ahead, upload more!
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    For now go to my gallery titled F2G Corsair. I just uploaded all the pics I took of #57. Like i said most of them are up close and personal shots of flap hinges and the like. I felt that there were enough shots of the airplane as a whole that I didn't need to concentrate on that.

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