Oshawa Railway

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    Great links Bill - thanks for posting!! :thumb:

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    This was a very interesting Electric R/W which served Oshawa Residents and Factorys
    G M in particular

    The City of Oshawa Lies East of Toronto and borders on Lake Ontario.
    1/2 hours drive for me

    The book depicted is by Clayton M. Morgan, with Charles D. Taws.
    To my knowledge the only one dealing with this fascinating history.

    foot note.
    AS Manchester England became the industrial revolution driving force of the UK early 1900 century.
    So Oshawa was called the 'Manchester of Canada". in the year 1912.

    I intend to find the streets the tracks were in and anything else that is left for a photo "then and now".
    One day soon.

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    I have a video (VHS) with some footage of the OR.
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    I have that too David, also the G RR and LE&N.

    Illinois Traction Co
    South Shore .
    North Shore.
    Many more.

    The gang and I have a video night about 4 times a year,
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    Here's a map of the Oshawa Railway circa 1962. :thumb:

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    Southern Ontario Railway Map Project

    Please visit our website to download and view the Oshawa street railway and almost every other steam/diesel and electric railway that operated in southern Ontario: http://individual.utoronto.ca/sorailmap/

    There is no charge for this map and we welcome your input and criticizm.
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    Dear Sir. The vhs you have, is it the sunny river production, electric lines in southern ontario? If not, is it possible to view it? I have been reaserching the Oshawa Ry for 30 years, and would welcome the chance @ new information. Thank You
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    Greetings Walter. Do you have any maps or track plans you can share? I am working to map all of Canada's former electric street railways and my work is available free here: www.cermc.webs.com. I look forward to your reply. Paul Delamere

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