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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by Musicman, Jun 30, 2003.

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  1. Musicman

    Musicman New Member

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    Hey gentlemen, (and ladies if you're there)
    I'm having problems keeping my OS 46-LA running. It will always start, but I can't even get a tank of fuel through it without having it cut out. I've tried various needle-valve settings, but these don't seem to change anything. Any ideas? [?]
    Thanks for your consideration
  2. littlewing78

    littlewing78 New Member

    have you taken the engine apart and cleaned it. it may have something inside clogging it. also be sure the clunk in your gas tank is not stuck in one position.
  3. bLaZe

    bLaZe Member

    more nitro, smaller prop, make sure fuel tubing is right size (dont stick a small tube on a .90), make sure the clunk is connected to the fuel line, make sure the vent line is connected to the muffler. Thats about it, try that. Oh ya make sure theres no dried oil inside the ball bearings. Good luck
  4. Fastsky

    Fastsky Member

    Get some help from someone with experience. Adjusting the needle valve a 1/4 turn the wrong way can result in losing 2000 rpm prop speed and probably a deadstick shortly after the plane takes off. An experienced pilot can check your settings in a few seconds and tell you whats happening.
  5. wtb3886

    wtb3886 New Member

    Musicman: does your engine have a low and high needle valves? Is this a new engine or used? It sounds like the carb setting is not properly setup. If you have not moved the low end setting try this, turn the high speed needle valve all the way in gently (turning to the right) then turn it out 1 & 1/2 turns. Make sure you have fresh fuel and fill the tank. Turn on your TX then your RX and make sure you have the carb opening just cracked open. Us your electric starter and put your glow battery on your glow plug. Spin the starter and see if your engine starts. If it does not then turn the high speed needle a quarter turn out (Turn left) and try this again. Once your engine starts then let it warm up before completing the setup. Now have someone hold the plane and you push the throttle on your radio up and listen to the enigine. If your engine is still running take your finger and pinch the fuel line and listen if the engine speeds up turn your high speed needle in (turn right) a few clicks and listen, pinch the fuel line again. Once your engine does not rev up any more from pinching the fuel line then turn your high speed needle to the left just a click or few to leave it rich. Now have someone hold your plane and turn the throttle full open, have someone tilt your airplane up with a nose up attitude like it would be when taking off. Listen to the engine does it remain unchanged or does the engine studder, if it does then your high speed is not correct or something else is wrong.
  6. hayataro

    hayataro New Member

    Check TANK-liquid-level and Hight-of-Carb. Keep more higher Tank-Level, Lower Carb-Hight.
  7. Kelvin Heath

    Kelvin Heath New Member

    Could be the tank height, but there are a few things I would check first.
    &gt;Check all the fuel plumbing. If the pick up line in the tank (or the brass line itself) has a crack that is exposed to air after the fuel burns down a ways, that will cause a leak that only appears later in a flight.
    &gt;The LA has a plastic back plate that is prone to leaks. Check the back plate and be careful not to overtighten it. You can break it.
    &gt;The LA carb is an airbleed if I am not mistaken. Set the airbleed screw on the front of the carb so it is half open. Then adjust the high end needle, by taking the engine to peak (lean) RPM, then back off 3-4 clicks (rich) to allow the prop/engine combo to unload in the air.
    &gt;The LA series engines are not ball bearing and will last longer if you run fuel that is 50/50 castor/synthetic oil, and at least 20% total oil content by weight. Avoid the cheap pink fuels. Sig makes a good fuel for the LA.
    &gt;If it spits and sputters, take the high speed needle out and flush the carb out with some fuel to wash out any dirt that might get it it. Filter your fuel twice in the refueling system, and use a filter in the line to the engine.
    &gt;I would run muffler pressure.
    &gt;New glow plug. Even if it lights up on the battery, it may be no good.
    Somewhere in all that is your solution! Egads!
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