OS 40LA problem !!!

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by daveccc, Sep 21, 2003.

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  1. daveccc

    daveccc New Member

    hello me first post.
    i have a new great planes super sportster plane artf which i have just made and i have put my os 40la engine in it.
    now got all runnin the problem is when i am on idle and aim the nose down the engine cute out???

    ive played around with the slow runnin get and the mixture valve settngs thing, can any 1 help me plz??
  2. Fastsky

    Fastsky Member

    Make sure the plane is tied down so you can work on it. Start by turning the needle valve all the way in so you have a starting point and then back it out 2 turns. It should start right away. Now go to full throttle and slowly turn the valve in. The engine will begin to speed up and slowly keep adjusting until you can't get any more speed out of it. Then throttle back to idle and open the needle valve 3 clicks. The engine should run like a top now!! :D
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