Orlik M.S. 406 Boo boo?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by shrike, Jun 19, 2006.

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    I just got the one of the latest kits from Orlik their MS 406 (06/2006). Looks like a nice kit, except for what I think is a major glaring error.

    It has Polish markings on the sides, making it one of the aircraft assigned to the Finlandia Groupe, which matches what I can glean from the instructions. The wings however have UK RAF roundels (blue outermost, red center) rather than French Armee d l Aire (Red outermost, blue center)

    Now what I know of the groupe is that they barely got their 406s before most of them were destroyed on the ground and later re-equipped with CR714's.

    Is this a MAJOR mistake on Orlik's part, or is there some really neat and obscure bit of history I'm missing?
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    Now in Poland you can buy this model with correct roundels. I think you should ask Orlik's people for these parts...
    Here is web page of Orlik publisher:
    in "Kontakt" you find e-mail and other contact information...

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