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    My first car which I bought in 1948 was a 1929 Model A for $50.00. Enough about that one.
    My second car was a 36 Ford coup with a rumble seat and rear fender skirts and twin smittys. I baught this car in 1952 and had it for 3 years. I had the brakes converted with 1941 ford hubs with fluid brakes. It only had a 85 hp engine. After a year I wore the engine out and a couisin who was mechanic for the fire department offered to overhaul it for me. I was in the army at the time stationed at Fort Lewis Washington and commuted to Bellingham Wa. every weekend. It took him 3 weeks to overhaul the engine in his garage. I remenber one time I dropped in to check on it and he was at work. I looked in the engine campartment and did a double take. No engine. That evening I asked how he was doing and he said he pulled the engine and took it to a dealer that he knew to work it over..
    Finally the big weekend came when my little ford was ready. I started to get into the drivers seat and he said no no. You get the passenger side and I'll take it out for you. He drove about 2 blocks to a cement street and pulled over. He told me to be carefull and not give it too much gas to start out.
    I checked to make sure the coast was clear, gave it a little gas and let the clutch out. Was I ever surprised. I layed about10 feet of rubber before I got control. I asked him what he did and he said he just fixed it up a little. It just cost me parts which was plenty of $$. I pulled over, raised the side panel to the engine carpment and saw 2 carbs. It just barely fit in the engine carpment. After that I could't keep rear axels in one piece.
    I got a big kick when I pulled up beside a 41 ford and he looked at me and raised his engine a little. I sort of ignored him and when the light turned green I was gone. At the next lite he had the most surprised look on his face.
    Later when my wifes sister got married They sneaked out and got away before we could tail them. My wife and I were on the way out of town when me met them and they honked their horn. I slammed on the brakes, put it in revers and to their surprise, I passed them going backward. We stopped and discovered they had forgot their marriage license. After that we chased them out of town and down the hiway but one thing kept me from keeping up with them. I had vaccuum wipers and had to keep taking my foot off the pedel to clear the windshield as it had started to rain pretty hard. They had a 51 Dodge with electric wipers so they finally got away from me.
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    Evil Shifter Rides Again!

    When I was 16 I worked for my dad all summer and in the fall, I got my licence and bought my own car the same day. That was a '63 Rambler Classic. Had a load of fun in that car with my chums, but the tranny had an alluminum case and I kept blowing 1st gear. Got rid of that car in 3 months and bought a '64 Buick Wildcat 4 door hardtop. What a machine that was. Power everything and I think it was a 430 big block that would boil the tiers for blocks. What a gas we had. I use to go to the dump and buy tiers for 50 cents and take them down to my friends service station and he let me streatch them on my rims for free. So, five spares in the big trunk, us guys went out for the evening to terrifie the neighbour hood and lay huge boilers in front of the homes of the girls we liked, amongst other places just to show off and look cool. When a tire would blow, we had a pit crew type of reaction and we could get the new tire on and be away in less than five min. One night after a night of howling, I was sacked out and my dad took my car without asking me, to take my granny to breakfast at the Richmond Airport Inn. He lost controle and crashed the car into the front of the hotel and totalled it. My dad was ok, but my granny hurt her knees and she blamed me for the accident, even though I wasn't there, it was my car..................so my fault.

    After the Buick feasco, my dad felt sheepish and allowed me to get any car I pleased. So I found a '56 chev 2 door seddan. What they call a 210 model. This guy was using it for a doghouse and I bought it for 10 bucks! Took it home and spent the next 6 months pop riviting floors and body pannels and aplying bondo. Then one day I launced my new ship. I could wright a book about the adventures I had with that car. Put three motors in it in all. The last one was a 327 that went like stink! Had that car for 4 years. It was always primer red. Bright red flames over the front outlined with yellow. Evil Shifter painted on the quarter pannel. The trunk was tied closed with a piece of rope wrapped around the licence plate. Towards the end of our time together the gas tank fell out on the road one day and took the trunk floor with it, then I had to run her from a five gallon can in the back seat. But my girlfriends dad was concerned about the five gallon can and lent me his gas tank from his boat when I took out his daughter.

    One day a cop stopped me. He got suspicious because I was driving through town at 6 am and was making an awfull racket. No muflers, one fell off, the other tore off on a steep driveway, so I was running it straight pipe right out of the headers. Cop says "Alright buddy! Have you been drinking?" I told him I was on my way home from my girlfriends. He was sure I had been drinking (but no, I hadn't) so he says "OK buddy! Open your trunk." I told him there was nothing in the trunk. He got mad and said "Alright Smart Guy! Open your trunk or I'll have your car impounded!" So I opened the trunk and when he looked in, he saw road. There wasn't even a trunk to have nothing in. So he told me to cloase it and get the hell out of his town..............and I did.

    Lost almost all photos of Evil Shifter............but here is one.

    TrainClown Loves Hot Rods...............maybe even more than trains. :eek: :rolleyes: ;)

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    I've got an '89 Mustang 5.0, I bought it brand new in '89 for the princely sum of $14,000. I called it my five-liter Chevy-eater. I had the car about two weeks when I dusted (and I mean DUSTED) a 300Z turbo, which cost twice what my car did. The guy pulled up next to me at a red light, gave me the vrooom vrooom. When the light turned green he set his back-tires to spinning and making smoke while I chirped and ran. :wave: Did that twice more before I wound up behind a truck and he passed us both.

    My car needs some work these days, I've been talking about getting her painted, get seat covers, and otherwise fixing her up. I'd love my car to last forever, especially considering that I haven't made a car payment in 12 years.
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    My first Muscle car wasn't truly mine. It was my Dad's. It was within two weeks of my being born, Father was so proud. We drove home with the top down and the 8-track playing. The car I called "Grampa Car." Some Grandpa... It was a '68 GTO (mid-year= some '69 extras) convertible with a Hurst Shifterm, a worked over engine (the block size slips my mind), and Posi rear. It would peel the tires in reverse.
    "My first" car was a '66 Mustang Coupe. It had a straight 6, with central air. OOOK... It had holes in the floorboards in the middle by the driveshaft tunnel. I started doing body work on it. Got good at it. Was about to try replacing the floorboards, but Graduation came, as did another car. Since the 'Stang was for my Mom... I started fiddling with my '79 Chevy Monza, with the small 8 (Original Pocket Rocket).
    The Mustang was called Music. The Monza was Carol Lynn. Carol Lynn was lost to a mishap on a bridge. This intailed a '66 Lincoln slamming on its brakes to avoid a rain storm (Ya I thought so to... What the #$%^&!!!). I swerved to miss her... Rain instantly brought oil to the road surface (Florida Ice). You get the idea.
    Next came Jessica, a '78 Olds Cutlass. She was a beauty in red with vinyl Landau top. Many an adventure with her. Down the road a found out the block had a fracture (last owner ran her dry for a good long time).
    Next came Maximillion (Max). He was a '78 Lincoln Towne Coupe, with the four barrel on the 460. He was fun. Once Armor-Alled the back leather seats. Hee! Everyone thought I should sell tickets to ride in the back, and take people on the back roads. Had 55 watt Off-road lights behind the grill. Boy, come some people a start coming down the road with only those on. Like Train Clown... Could write a book. Buried the needle once, hit cruise and stayed there for an hour (3 hr. trip... Shhhh!).
    Ok... Enough. Three others after Max. Now have Bobbie Joe, '02 Ford Ranger. Horns on the hood, American flag in the back window, and fun in mind.
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    Hey everyone, i am a muscle car enthusiast as well! I dunno if this counts as a muscle car, but about a year and a half ago my dad and i decided to buy an old truck. I always liked the body style of Uncle Jesse's pickup from the Dukes of Hazzard, so we looked for a body style similar to that. We found one through an online car locator, rustfreeclassics.com, it was over in California. So we bought it and had it shipped over to central MA. Well needless to say as soon as i saw it i fell in love. It's had its fair share of minor and pretty major issues, tires, brakes, etc. Its a 1970 Ford F-250 2WD Ranger XLT Camper Special, 98% original-original paint, interior, engine, tranny, rear end etc. Oh and did i meantion its virtually RUSTFREE!!! Its got a 390ci, 4-speed on the floor and gets about 10-12 mph. I've still got about a year and a month or so before i even get my permit, but i've driven it a little on the back roads :D ! Oh and one of my friends who's a freshmen in college has an 85' K-5 Blazer with a 6" lift, and he just finished a body-on resto on his 67' Chevy Camaro SS w/a built 350, 4-speed and a posi! His dad just finished a frame-off resto on a 65 Impala SS convertible, and they also have a 2003 Corvette-what a family! Well thats enough rambling for me for one night, a pic of mt baby is below for your viewing pleasure :D

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    Not sure if this counts as an original muscle "car", but it sure is original and is ALL muscle. My '91 Yamaha V-Max

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