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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by paperbeam, Mar 28, 2007.

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    the page said it was an invalid url. SADNESS!!!:cry:

    If this is not card modeling at its PRIMAL STAGE, then I'm on the wrong forum.

    Wish I could have seen pics...
  3. Was this the dragon?? I saw a Japanese vid a while back showing a man folding and folding and folding for hours and hours.... no idea what he's making until the end, an amazing dragon, with individual scales and al kinds of other detail. It would have been an amazing build in card, but this is origami. Stellar.
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    His Name Is Joseph Wu - Here's The Website!

    Previous URL about newspaper article worked when I put it in?!?:cry:

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    Joseph Wu is all you need to say and I will drop everything to look!
    Thanx for that link!!!
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    holllllleeeeeeee cooooooowwwwww!!!

    Incredible - thanks for the link!
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    I'm not on the same level as Joseph and company, but I am fairly good at origami. I have designed a few things including the model shown in my avatar. For those interested, the diagrams are available at Joseph Wu's webpage <http://www.origami.as > under the instructions heading - Joseph Wu's Origami Diagrams - Chi-Wing Fighter. Have fun.

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