Orel #16 Russian pre-dreadnought Admiral Ushakov

Discussion in 'First Impressions Kit Reviews' started by cdcoyle, Jun 1, 2007.

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    Admiral Uschakov

    I have the one issued by Promodel I ordered five years ago, somewhat different, it seems to me.
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    Yes, I have the ProModel version from GreMir - the coloring is very similar to the Orel sites pictures. Michael has some nice photos on his site of his offering (probably why I bought it, I like the pics!).

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    At another forum, about Russian pre-dreadnoughts, there was a long thread about just what color those yellow funnels actually were.

    It turns out ... apparently no one really knows.

    The original paint specs were very vague, (basically "mix yellow ochre and black"), and there is no historical standard for what color yellow ochre is (it ranges from yellowish to amber to almost rust).

    There are many surviving first-hand descriptions of the color, but they are highly contradictory, ranging from "yellow" to "olive" to "cinnamon". There are a few period paintings and posters, one that appears otherwise accurate shows a reddish-cinnamon hue.

    Lacking color period photos, it's hard to say. Curious mystery.
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    The yellow colour on the metal parts probably started as zinc chromate, which is a kind of mustard-yellow colour. Liquitex yellow ochre or Jo Sonja Yellow Oxide will work for a base. Salt exposure would have introduced a bit of red oxide here and there, especially in joints. Metal surfaces subject to wear would be bare metal, easily simulated by rubbing with a soft pencil.

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