Ore Transfer Trestles

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Model Railroading' started by burnsr, Mar 29, 2005.

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    I have had very little luck seaching the net for information on ore transfer trestles, so I thought I would inquiry here.

    From what I can gather, transfer trestles allowed narrow gauge cars to to pushed up to the top of the trestle where they could dump their load to standard gauge gondolas below.

    I am thinking about building such a trestle, but cannot find any pictures. I have found one reference to an article in Railroad Model Craftsman (Feb 2000), but I have been unable to locate the article at my local hobby shops.

    If anyone could help I would certainly appreciate it.

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    Can't think of dedicated sources for such pictures, so the best reference I can suggest would be the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette. Just about every issue includes photos of prototype and/or model mining operations, with obvious emphasis on the tracked aspects. I've seen quite a few ore-dump trestles, with and without storage/unloading bins and chutes under them, in the pages of the Gazette. Know any local modelers with a stack of Gazette back issues?
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    Welcome to the Gauge burnsr If you look in the logging forum there are links there to logging sites that may be of help to you.
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    Unless you are modeling a specific prototype, the exact details are "up for grabs". Pretty much, each road did things their own way. The actual construction would depend on whether drop bottom, or side dump hoppers were used. With side dump, you'd have some kind of chute to collect and guide the load. With drop bottom, there would be, either just an open area for the load to drop through, or a hopper style bin/chute to help load the recieving car.
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    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Well, for those who might be interested in building a transfer trestle, the only information I've been able to find is a Ron Foreman Railroad Model Craftsman article (February, 2000). I received the article from RMC today and it is excellent and to be recommended. Being relatively recent, many of you may already have this article, but for those that do not: it is 7 pages, 13 photos (6 color), and a set of drawings of Ron's version of the trestle. Nicely done.

    Happy building.

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