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  1. Kevinkrey

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    That is what I am currently using, but I have a small bottle (I Know I will need more) and wont this take MASSIVE amounts for the whole project? Should I be getting something at the hardware store? Never seen big bottles at the LHS.
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    I haven't bought styrene cement or model paint thinner for over thirty years. Lacquer thinner is a very suitable substitute and is available at hardware stores, home improvement centres, and automotive parts suppliers. You should be able to get it in pints, quarts, or gallons. I buy it by the gallon, then decant it into smaller containers depending on what I intend to use it for. Apply it as a cement using a brush sized to the job: anything from a 0000 up to a 1" or larger. It's also good for thinning many lacquer-based paints, including Floquil, Scalecoat, SMP Accupaint, Pactra, and Testors, including Dulcote and Gloscote.


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