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  1. greymalkin

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    I have placed orders from buyfromtabobao.com before and been quite pleased with the service. Now I can get no response to my many emails on an order placed over a month ago. Does anyone know if "buyfromtaobao.com" still exists? Does anyone know of any other place where it is possible to buy or download these 3 models to assemble or perhaps another English-speaking agent for taobao I through which I could place an order? I ordered them from buyfromtaobao.com, as I know taobao.com sells them, but no response. Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you.

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  2. zathros

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    After what I just read about Taobao, I wouldn't order tube socks from them!

    Please put down the names of these three models so I can research it for you. :)
  3. greymalkin

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    Thanks for such a fast response! The first girl is named "Ib", she is from a game made by Kouri, named Terror Museum or Museum of Terror. The girl in the middle is Tamako Kitashirakawa, the heroine from a novel named Tamako Market and I believe the designer is Dark Knight. The third girl, with the sword, cape, and horns, is Shirakiin Ririchiyo, from Inu x Boku SS, a Japanese manga series. I believe she is also designed by Dark Knight. If I could locate Dark Knight, maybe I could find the models! All three of these figures are shown on http://swatkd.blog.163.com/blog/static/100013142013297472602/ and they each refer you to taobao.com for purchase. You mentioned you wouldn't buy tube socks from taobao after what you just read. I hope you didn't mean my post but something else you had read. It isn't taobao.com that won't response to me, but an English-speaking agent, a middle-man or rather service, that takes your order, gathers the items, takes PayPal and then ships the items to you. I never paid, because they never even billed me. Just no response at all. In the past, they have been great to deal with. I make anime paper models and would so like to make these three. If you can find them, I will be forever grateful, build the models, and post them on zealot.com. Anime figures always look splendid on your site and I'd be happy to see a lot more of them there!
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  5. greymalkin

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    Thanks so much for suggesting moekami/mizuirogakuen's site. He is a brilliant designer. I have made several of his models and they are always well-designed.
  6. zathros

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    Grab them all because sometimes, he is forced to remove them. I have probably 75 models of his that are not longer available and I cannot share.
  7. RocketmanTan

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    isn't Taobao basically like Alibaba? I swear I saw some a**h*le selling my crap on there, as well as some of Paper-Replika's stuff.

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