Optimus Prime

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by stephen.irl, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Obievon

    Obievon New Member

    Great Stuff look neat.
  2. sheo15

    sheo15 New Member

    I'm building Optimus Prime too and I use 160 gsm paper for the head and 180 gsm photopaper for the body. I found 180 gsm paper not suitable for small parts.
  3. va6rly

    va6rly New Member

    Looking good. Can't wait to see the finished project.
  4. raulk000

    raulk000 New Member

    awesome!! is this the one from paper-replika?
  5. lytesabre

    lytesabre New Member

    Very cool, looking forward to seeing it finished!
  6. warmachine

    warmachine New Member

    OH MY WORD!!!!

    This build is incredible. It looks totally awesome.

    The model you're working from must be great. Do you think it could be scaled up to fit a human and be worn as an armor?
  7. racerMachX

    racerMachX New Member

    Thumbs up!! More pics!!
  8. stephen.irl

    stephen.irl Member

    Hey guys, been away for a while now college and work sort of took over but with college winding up hopefully I'll have some free time to get back to modelling. So...

    raulk000: Yes, this is the one from paper replika. I think Jules is up to part 2D now so that’s pretty much all the chest and I think there's one more section to come to finish for the chest.

    warmachine: Interesting idea. Don't think it would work though. There's a lot of internal structure. The model is sort of build from the inside out.

    As for my model I'm starting again!!! I only have the head done so far but this time I'm going to try any scale down 50%. It should be do-able but I might have to lose some of the really fine detail but I'll give it a shot so hopefully pictures will be coming soon :).
  9. hvp

    hvp New Member

    this model is just awesome!!!!!!
  10. stephen.irl

    stephen.irl Member

    Ok. Pictures as promised :rolleyes:. I started this again at the weekend. I'm giving this a go at 50% (just printed the pdf at 2 sheets per page). I think the final model should be around 1.5m at 100% and as you can see from Mr.T's pictures it's huge. At 50% hopefully it'll finish up around 75cm.

    Really tricky so far!!! Some of the pieces are really small but I suppose all those hours straining my eyes building the tiny Galactica models by Gearz has come in really handy :mrgreen:. I haven't had to lose any of the detail yet either except for the intake thingy on the top of the fin but hey! I couldn't even manage that on the full size one.

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  11. stephen.irl

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    He can see!!!

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  12. Revell-Fan

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  13. Eyeonmal

    Eyeonmal New Member

    Hey, This is awesome! Totally love anything to do with the Transformers. I recently bought the generation one DVD's and reliving my childhood all over again. When you say the final project will be 1.3m high, does this mean you have expanded/altered the original design? If so, by how much and how, please?

    Seriously impressed, will start this one myself too.
  14. jo low

    jo low New Member

    Great work so far

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