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    There are a lot of other neat models on his site too.
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    What a fascinating model! Thanks for posting this!

    I love the "off-beat" subjects the best.

    Even though cardstockers model a much wider variety of subjects than those who work in plastic, I still feel we are barely pushing the envelope. An unusal WWI armored car that you could never find in plastic can make for a very cool model, but ... in the end, it's just yet another western 20th century military machine.

    The range of possible subjects for card modeling is virtually limitless. This 18th century Swedish optical telegraph is a really an excellent example of that.

    There's some very interesting stuff on Bildrum's site. I liked this:
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    I am grateful to Gunnar for these designs, and just a little sad that this is the last one. I have built one a year for children I know, but the adults like them too. I particularly recommend the printing press and the forge hammer, which are both working mechanisms. And I have grown to appreciate his serious, silent Santa, a patron of the useful arts.

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    great find!

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