Opinions on a 4x8 roundy rounder

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by markjf, Jan 29, 2008.

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    Fred's HOGRR suggestion is good. If the importance for you is portability to get the 4x8 away from the way to operate, you can stack the HOGRR sections and take up only one foot of the room when not operating. Like the Clinchfield, you will need to duck under if operating from the middle, but you can also operate from the perimeter. I seem to recall that there are some N-scale versions with better sidings and more spurs. There is a Yahoo group site for HOGRR also (limited activity though):

    HOGRR : Heart of Georgia Railroad Layout

    The N scale thread:

    Yahoo! Groups

    Good luck!
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    So it's wedged across an 8' wide room? You have to duck under it to get to the backside?

    will be and is are two different tenses.... have you built the table already? In the absence of any track plan?

    Help us out here. You've got space for a 4x8 layout, but if we knew where in the room you planned on placing it, we could help you optimize the design, or suggest alternatives to the rectangular table-top type layout, something that might give you more railroad, and appease the management.
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    I like the intrest in a 4X8 roundy...

    ...because I keep on thinking of ways around it. None I've come up to my satisfaction just yet but, it's like writing music - all the chords are the same- every notes been played before but, somewhere in all that cacaphony a single "hit" is to be born. There are many "hits"- it's the one that makes you get all dreamy eyed and loosey goose that makes "it" a "hit".




    Click my heels three times and I'll be...

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    Okay time for a better description of my situation

    First off thank you to everyone that replied. I have read all of the posts multiple times to take in and understand each opinion. I have seen the HOG link recommended a few times in other threads. I like the layout very much but not for me,at least not this time. What impressed me was the Space Mouse link,just what I needed!

    Someone asked if I wanted to model a railroad or play with toy trains, the answer is both!

    What I've got
    I have a very small ranch house, a wife, and 2 kids. Not a chance of taking over the house with trains{not until at least 1 of the kids move out}but that won't be happening for awhile. In my basement I have a 4x8 cove with decent lighting. I will be able to slide the layout out three feet to work from the back by crawling under the table. when the table is slid out I will be able to work from three sides of the bench. I have to go but will be back shortly with my Givens & Druthers!

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