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  1. I purchased Answer's J-22 kit a while back just because I liked the looks of the airplane. At the time I thought it might be a good candidate for a first aircraft build since it can be built with/without a cockpit, and with/without an engine. After looking it over in detail last night, I'm not so sure. There are some parts I can't find on any of the instructional drawings, there is an absence of glue tabs on many parts (I suppose I could add my own), and many of the parts that need to be glued to card stock (I'm guessing the entire flimsy sheet of engine parts) or cardboard (seat bottom and others) have no specific direction to do so. Written instructions are short, and some of the drawings leave a bit to be desired. Do any of you aircraft guys have an opinion about, or perhaps experience with, this kit? I've built a number of armored vehicles and castles, so I'm not a newbie to card modeling, just to aircraft. Thanks for your input.
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    For the first aircraft try something delivered in electronic format. This way you cna always redo any mistake you could make.
    If you want to build the J-22, try the GeeBee first http://www.gremirmodels.com/geebee_r1.htm
    It's free, it's in PDF and it came from the same designer, Rafal Ciesielski.
    By building the GeeBee you will have a chance to familiarize with the methods he uses in his designs.
    And yes, J-22 on my page is the same model...
  3. Michael, thank you for your sage advice. I visited the link and was impressed with the GeeBee. It's clear from comparing the two models that the same man designed them both. Just looking at the pdf files and instructions answered some of my questions re the J-22 build. I've got to pick up some card stock before I can print out the GeeBee files, but I agree that doing a first build with easily replaceable parts makes a lot of sense. Thanks again.

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