Operational Link and Pin Coupling

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by hminky, Jun 9, 2005.

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  2. 60103

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    I have one or two cars equipped with commercial HO link and pins. I'm afraid I may have misplaced the links and pins over the years (at least 30 or 40 years old).
    I also made substitutes out of Kadee couplings with broken knuckles -- remove the knuckle pivot.
  3. petepuma

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    That's pretty neat Harold! Is there anything commercially available that you know of?
  4. hminky

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    There is nothing available in the smaller scales. I will make a better looking body, the picture is the experimental mockup. They can be made quickly out of styrene.

  5. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Watch your fingers there Harold!!!! Improved couplers are a definite advantage to later themed layouts...as your thumbless little plastic folk might agree. Seriously, a neat idea and a nice additional bit of realism!
  6. hminky

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    The LPF's are already talking about striking. Something silly like safety and their welfare.
  7. petepuma

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    Well you know what they used to say...never trust a brakeman who has all of his fingers. :D :D :D
  8. hminky

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    Here is the the link with clear tape and a finalized drawbar:


    An article will follow.

    Have a nice day
  9. hminky

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    Here is a better picture of the drawbars. I can carve one out of ABS in 15 minutes.


  10. shortliner

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    Harold - a suggestion - same shape pin, but with a loop on top - that way, rather than tweezers, you could have a wire hook on a handle and just lift it in and out
    | |

    Not sure if that bit of ascii art will work
    Shortliner(Jack) away up here in the Highlands
  11. hminky

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    Tried the loop on the pin at the end and middle. Anything hard is difficult to grasp with tweezers. Also tried the wire hook and it is uncontrollable when inserting the link. The tape is the best solution so far. The clear is fairly unobtrusive. Also there are less operations in making the pin with the tape.

  12. shortliner

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    Sorry - just a thought - Ah, well!
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
  13. hminky

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    Thank you for the link. I have attempted to use the prototypical link and pin. I am designing a system that looks like link and pins but is operational. Yard switching cannot be done in the model world with three piece links and pins. Regular operations with them is beyond frustrating. My system is not prototypical but allows operation with the appearance of link and pins. My future layout is planned for prototypical operations and large train movements.

    When the cars are uncoupled they look like 1870's cars. They couple close together and the fake link is unobtursive enought for an operational 1870's layout.

  14. Ahhhh...gotcha. I'm dealing with coupler issues myself. I can't STAND the trip pin on the knuckle couplers and have done what some others have tried: CUT 'EM OFF!! Uncoupling is done with a long dowel fitted with a bend piece of wire attached to the end. The wire is placed between the cars and is used to pull one of the knuckles away to accomplish the uncoupling. The cars look better with the Kadee 'scale' coupler, no trip pin, and an air hose in place. Hang in there, Harold, I admire your tenacity!
  15. Greg Elems

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    Well I'd say the clear tape was successful. I didn't even notice it till you talked about it.

    hudsonelectric, have you looked into the new Sergent HO coupler? No trip pin like Kadee and a small magnet on the end of a stick is used to open the couplers.


    Take a look. I'm leaning towards using them on my S scale equipment.

  16. Hey, Greg...

    Yeah, I'm considering them too. I just need to get off my duff and order a batch. Any experience with them?

  17. Greg Elems

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    No personal experiance with them yet. I'm ordering a couple pairs of them to see how they work on my engines and a couple of box cars. May get them in the next week or so. I'll keep you posted.

  18. Pitchwife

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    Harold, have you ever thought about using hemostats with locking jaws? They can be picked up pretty cheeply at a number of places. Then you could do away with the tape and still have good control.
  19. hminky

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    Yes, Thank you
    The tape has been the best method. It is only as obtrusive as KD gladhands. Hemostats and locking tweezers proved difficult to control.


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