Open area in U shaped N scale layout?

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Evan, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Evan

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    I need some advise. I am looking to expand my layout. It is currently on a hollow core door, with a long and short edge being against the wall.
    The section marked A will be 4' long, and about 2 foot wide, depending on gap.
    The section B is an existing shelf, which is 1.9' wide (60cm).

    So, the question is, what size is a good opening? If I keep it as A = 2ft, and B = 1.9ft, then the opening would be 2.4 ft. Is that OK?

    Sounds confusing, I know, but not sure how else to word it.



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  2. MasonJar

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    2 1/2 feet is a bit narrow, but if you are going to be the only operator in there, then it is probably fine. If you plan to have someone working the "main" part of the layout (original door), with someone else in behind running the shelf or the 2x4 section, then the aisle will be too small.

    You could find some cardboard boxes and make a mock-up to see how the space feels.

  3. Will_annand

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    Evan, if you take a look at my layout plan (see link in signature). The two ailses there are 27" and 28" wide. OK, for one person, but not for two to pass.

    You do not say what is on the "south" wall of your diagram.
    I would be apt to put something there, make "B" 24" deep, make "A" a single line lift out / duck under. And end up with a round the room style layout.
  4. pgandw

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    I would be a little concerned about the reach to the back corner of the door (the B back corner). 3ft is a tough reach anyway for tracklaying or scenery work - or for re-railing a derailed train after you build the layout! The only way I can reach 3ft is to have the layout at a low height - less than 40 inches. Even then, I have to be careful about leaning over something in the front of the layout. As drawn, the back corner with a section at B is going to be close to 4ft - too much.

    Make the door 30 inches wide instead of 36 inches, and your back, arms, and foreground scenery will thank you. Also, strongly recommend keeping the aisle at a minimum of 30 inches wide - but you can round the inside corners at a reasonable radius without affecting fit toget better track flow. Young and skinny may get by with 24 inch or less aisles, but us old, fat, and slow (my nickname on my adult soccer team) guys might be bumping the layout in ways you wouldn't want.

    yours in aging not always so gracefully
  5. MasonJar

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    If you say it "railroad style" - - OF&S - - it doesn't sounds as bad ;) :D :p

  6. Russ Bellinis

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    Regarding the 3 foot wide door, 3 feet will work, just don't put track back there. I think a little scenery depth behind the rails can add to the model railroad. If the layout is supported so that it can be moved out occassionally for maintainance, the depth shouldn't be a problem and the 3 foot wide door will give you more real estate on the other side of the layout. On the aisle width if it is a one man operation, or wireless dcc where you wouldn't need to ever have more than one person in that aisle, then the question is really "How wide are you?"
  7. Evan

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    Thanks for all the replies. Bad news. Management shot down the idea this weekend, as too looming. Deal is that I stick with just the main layout for now, and then in 2 years time get a shed to use in the garden. Oh well. But a deal is a deal. :)

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