OP-ED: Why are We so hard on Ourselves?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Fishcarver, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Fishcarver

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    Zathros: I ain't no beefcake, either...:)
  2. jasco

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    I guess I'll throw in my two cents...We are all modellers and as such have similar personality traits, one of which is the quest for "perfection" in miniature. Now, I don't need to have the defects pointed out to me, but it serves to reassure me that I am NOT being too hard on myself and there are indeed errors to correct that are apparent to my peers.(Other modellers) Since there are errors to correct, I have not achieved "perfection" and my quest must continue.(build another model). An unfortunate result of this outlook is that too many times I reach the point that too many errors have occurred for my taste and a project is abandoned and a new one started. As far as the macro setting of the camera is concerned, it is unforgiving and as such is a valuable tool in deciding if the job I've done expresses my mastery (or lack thereof) of the technique accurately and helps me answer the question "Should I do it over?"

    I am a musician as well, and my lack of ability to "master" my instrument has kept playing the guitar a lifelong passion along with model building.

    Alas, my poor wife desperately wishes my search for perfection would extend to other areas of endeavor such as housecleaning, in which I am notably lax in my standards!:-D

    Having said all of that, I agree with the previous posts that the vast majority of the feedback is very positive, and any constructive criticism is welcome!
  3. sjsquirrel

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    Another two cents...


    As I understand your question, you're asking why we tend to bring attention so our own mistakes, not why do we point out mistakes to others. Personally, as a model builder making a post on a modeling forum, when I point out a mistake I made, it's generally as a head's up to other people. I recognize that something that tripped me up is likely to trip up others too, so bringing attention to it can help others avoid the same mistake. It's not that I'm being critical of my own work, just saying hey, watch out for this.

    Regards from Canada too! Nice to know I've got company north of the border :)
  4. 46rob

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    If you're not making mistakes--you're not challenging yourself hard enough. No matter the skill of the individual, the quality of the materials--there's always room for improvement. We're most closely scrutinized by our own mind's eye and it's only right that we own up to our own imperfections. If a person is totally satisfied with his work--he's either deluding himself or is about to leave the pursuit for another...as it no longer challenges.

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