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  1. No 1 daughter found some mesh rips from the latest Zelda game and asked if any could be turned into paper models. They were in .3ds format with tga textures and with bit of fiddling I got UMC2 to read them in. Most were in the spreadeagle pose which I presume is the starting position and this one was one of her favourites and looked OK as it is.

    Really nice mesh - most points join but I had to pop the eyes out and knock it's teeth out to get a slightly simpler mesh shape. We cut it up in Pep going for strips and then trying to join some together more. We printed on 100gm paper (cheap-skate that I am I finally bought something other than standard 80gm). It needed 8 sheets and I was really glad we made it big. I evolved a back tabbing which basically put every second strip onto paper and cut out the tabs on that. It was neater than sticking on individual tabs and made things stonger too. If I do it again I'll try and create the backtab strips using MSPaint.

    Structurally it's a hollow shell with a rolled tube through the ears for the wings to rest on.

    A couple of days effort and it doesn't look too bad. The joins need tidying up with paints but a clever back tab with textures would help and tab numbering as well. The gap under the chin was me cutting wrong and I hadn't the heart to re-do it.

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    Great job

    Always the rounded forms take a messy work but you did it great, believe me he looks as creepy as in the game :thumb:

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