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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by jayare, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. jayare

    jayare New Member

    Hello everybody. This is my first post on the forum and need help with questions about my boyhood train. I have a 1938 OO Gauge 5342 Hudson set with transformer and track all in good condition; no boxes except transformer.

    I am not going to pass this train on to my son because he has no interest in such things and presently the little train resides in a box on the top shelf of a storage closet. There is not much info on this set and i'm afraid if I buy one of the price guide books it will not be listed and I will waste my money.

    If I can find out what the fair market value of the train is I might let it go to someone whom will put it to good use.

    I would appreciate serious responses only please.

    Thank you........jayare
  2. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    OO Train

    Hi Jayare, Could you possibly provide just a bit more information?

    Is this a Lionel Set?...They produced briefly a OO set which they marketed as HO but it was really a bit oversized for HO. A photo would help too.

    I've been out of train collecting for a long time but I seem to recall something similar to what you have described.
  3. jayare

    jayare New Member

    Hello Vic........thanks for responding.

    The train is the exact set that is featured in the 100th issue of Classic Toy Trains magazine at the top of page 49. I am not an enthusiast or collector but stumbled upon this magazine while waiting on my wife at Barnes & Noble. Of course the light bulb flashed "on" and upon returning home I immediately removed the little train from storage.

    It has the 5342 loco with New York Central tender(very good) , the Lionel lines 0014 box car (good), the 0015 Sunoco tank car (very good), the 0016 Southern Pacific hopper(very good), and the 0017 pennsylvania caboose(good). The track consist of 23 curved and 15 straight sections possibly made of Bakalite with 3 rails. Transformer is in the original box. The train is a little dirty but i'm not going to clean it because I don't know how and might damage the good paint on everything except one of the sliding doors on the box car. There is a little surface rust on the axles of two of the trucks and that is all.

    I am an amateur potter, a very decent woodworker and love to tune and polish old cars. Even though I love toy trains, I have no time for them.

    I do not have a digital camera or I could post pictures for you. Hope this helps Vic and thanks again for the interest.

  4. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Hi Jay,I've been out of collecting Lionel Trains for a number of years and any refference that I still have to the value of your set is outdated. What you have is a very desireable set for a collector. I have only seen ( in person) one other set like the one you described. I would most definitely preserve it as its value will only increase further.

    The current Greenburg collecters guide will give you an average value of the set. But remember that it is only an average value depending upon the condition. If you want to go further in establishing an acutual monetay value try to get in touch with someone who is a member of TCA...Train Collectors of America and see if you can get an appraisal on itl.

    Hope this helped you and please take care of that wonderful toy that you have from your childhood.

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