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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by OnTrack, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. 60103

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    The roadbed has a small slit down the middle. Cut that through and the stuff bends a lot more easily. You then just have to mark the centerline of the track.
    I use green contact cement (water-based, no solvents). I've been usung this for most of the foam/rubber/track joins. It does stick instantly, so be careful -- I often use a wax paper separator while I line things up. You might even put some pins in down the centerline and push the first piece of roadbed up to them.
    I've also used pins into the roadbed to line the track up -- do the cutting and positioning before adding glue. I've also done it using the glue in the ballast to hold the track.
    Don't glue switches -- they're the pieces most likely to need replacement.
  2. Chessie6459

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    Good to see you are making progress with the benchwork.:D :wave: :thumb:
  3. OnTrack

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    Liitle Update: I went ahead and installed a switch using the method I planned on using (read up if your unfamiliar), and it worked just fine. I'll get a pic when I can. All the pics I have above are when I had my GFs digicam with me, I didnt today so ill get pics as soon as I can.

    Also: Thanks for the information Jim, and 601. Thanks you as well Chessie.
  4. fsm1000

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    Hi Ontrack, just found this post. My goodness your first time building anything and it is THAT good? You must have a natural talent for this then.
    ANyhow, another idea I have used is to put a plastic compatable oil on the moving parts of the switch [turnout] with a brush. It just needs to be light. This protects it from sticking by the glue. You still have to be careful though. Just that a mistake won't have you tearing up the turnout to do over is all.:)

    I hope that helps. :)

    AANDDDDDDDDD of course if you wanna hand lay your track you might wanna see how badly I did mine LOL :D
  5. steamhead

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    What seems to be a good idea, can lead to some bad headaches, or worse...Remember that the foam is EXTREMELY flammable, and switch machines are prone to burn up. Bad mixture. Think about it. Foam is just like gasoline.
  6. OnTrack

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    FSM- lol well it may not be THAT GOOD:oops:, lol jk im learning but it worked out well and came out how I wanted it to thats all. As for the switches, what I did with that one was took a took pick and got very small amounts of liquid nail and i "calked" the seams of the switch motor with it. And to be safer rather than just clearing the foam enough for the motor to fit snug I cleared out a nice rectangular shaped pit. I then took a dustbuster to clear out all the wood shavings from where I drilled the holes for the wiring..basically tried my best to keep it clean so there was no debree that could some how hop up in there.

    Steam- When it comes to the switch motors you do have a rather good point, but the only time I will have power leading to them is when im in operation..I guess thats obvious...but what im saying is ill have my eyes on the layout..when they have electricity going to them..so hopefully if an accident like that did happen...I could take care of it quickly.
  7. Glen Haasdyk

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    Good start to the layout. Looks like a decent size for running tains. It's a good thing you're using the pink foam and foam roadbed over the chipboad. that stuff it a little difficult to get a tack nail though since it's got alot of glues in it. That's why I went with plywood and cork (old school!)
  8. OnTrack

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    A little help.

    Its been a while, sense ive messed with my layout which sucks, I became over whelmed becuase this is my first layout. On top of that I work in the tree removal industry im a climber, im only 19 so its a fun job I actually like it lol, but tree work is slow in the winter months, so cash has been limited. Enough about my self lol, onto my little problem, ive decided to go with a slightly smaller layout, and ive got a pretty decent design drawn out with xtrak cad. But im looking for some help. In the picture below, I cant figure out what to do with the space indicated by the red box, that spur can stay or go, but im just looking for some idea's. All of the curves, are 22", becuase I want to run my larger 6 axles, but if possible I could go with smaller radius's on the inside and use some 4 axle's. I'd like to get some industries in there, hell I dont know, see what you guys can come up with. Any idea's or suggestions would be awesome. Thanks guys.

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  9. fsm1000

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    You know that you can always do your layout in sections and add them as you go. Like the yard now, [tough part so do it early and get it out of the way or wait till you have more experience]. Or do the mainline run now. Either way, look at it in pieces rather then as a whole and it will not be so over whelming.
    I hope that helps. :)
  10. OnTrack

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    you know what, ill take your advice ill go ahead and start slowly, and leave that middle part for when it needs to be done, thanks.
  11. prodigy2k7

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    Why not get a under table switch machine that was made for basically that lol...
    Same price as the "next to" ones
  12. OnTrack

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    I was given, alot of switch machines that came with snap switches, andI began to use them, so I just dediced to purchase more of them.
  13. prodigy2k7

    prodigy2k7 Member

    heh... Sounds good. :)
  14. MadHatter

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    On Track, I'm starting a shunting (Switching) layout in HO and might I just add that your idea is superb since space will be a premium- I tried it with one of my points and works just fine, now I won't have ugly switch machines sticking out and there will be more space to add other details, thanks for the great idea. :thumb:
  15. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    Saves money too!
  16. OnTrack

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    MadHatter, I'm glad to see you picked up a good method for use on your Model Railroad from my thread sign1

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