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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by cbudach, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. cbudach

    cbudach New Member

    I may be a bit out of the realism. I like 6" radius turns in N Gauge, I like over abundance of track in a small 8x11' footprint, I like the de-rails thru turnouts, and I like inter-modal with steam. Gomez Adams would be a good descriptor, in my crashes in cross-overs. BUT, I'm trying to work a new layout, 5.5' x 11.5', with 4 sep. track loops. Need to run 4 lash-ups in "N", changing levels, (4 levels), with ramps from 1-2-3-4, and 4 down to 1. Using 1/2 ply for base, jigsaw for grade changes. Don't want an ugly cookie cutter layout, but a flowing mountain pass mock-up. Not a lot of hiddenn track. Room for plenty of trestle, but not sure how to fit this in. Anybody doing this?Next:Why would anyone want HO? I like CUBS, Bears, Planes, and N. What else is there in life?Thanks!
  2. ejen34

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    Welcome aboard :thumb: How's your mood :) ? Thats a real intense paragraph!! I for one am starting to mix a bit of steam into inter-modal, oh I know -- heresy :p
  3. shaygetz

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    Welcome to The Gauge:wave:

    I work in N and HO, my cat, "Mr. Fluffy" is an HOer on the other hand...

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  4. Jim Krause

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    It's your layout. Do it the way you want. I've seen some really neat caricature type layouts with tight radius curves and all kinds of funny stuff. Once saw a toonerville trolly layout with what must have been 20 % grades.
  5. Why didn't I think of that? :curse: I love non-conformance...
  6. fifer

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    You by some obvious overlook forgot NASCAR!!!
    :) :wave:

    Love new ideas , and as has been stated , it is your layout , love it!!
    Also Welcome!!!

  7. 3railguy

    3railguy Member

    6" radius curves will limit your selection of engines and rolling stock drastically. 0-6-0 steam and 4 wheel switchers along with 34 ft boxcars are about all you could run. I would go no less than 9 3/4" radius with 12" radius being the norm. Especially with grades. You can easily fit 4 main lines on a 5.5 ft x 11 ft platform with these curves.

    As far as your question as to why anyone would go with HO? I dunno. It's a nice scale to work with. Like you, people do what they feel like doing. One might ask why go with N scale?
  8. fsm1000

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    Have another coffee LOL :D
    Hello and welcome. Good to have you onboard.
    I hope you will be posting pics of your progress for us. :)
  9. Cbudach, I admit I really like your idea of a bunch of 6" radius curves jammed into a fantastic, rugged mountain scenery! So what if you can only run short engines and rolling stock? With a 4 lash up, you really could easily mount 10-15% grades and "reach the sky". I salivate at the prospect of huge elevation differences that enable dramatic gorges spanned by high trestles!
    I say, go do it!
    (And be sure to share it with us)

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