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  1. Here's a little idea I came up with that I thought would be fun to build. Anyone ever see Back to the Future III?......forgot the website I got the movie photo from....:

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  2. more:The car's body is made out of aluminum flashing and the frame/platform is balsa wood. Detail will likely be balsa, also. Not sure how I want to make the wheels yet...pity the wheels off of a regular freight car or caboose are too big....

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  3. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    That's a good start. Try "n" scale wheels.
  4. Will_annand

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  5. Doc Holliday

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    Hey Bachmann,
    Lookin' good! :thumb: I'm modeling the Old West (yeah I know that it's not very definitive, let it go), circa 1880. While I hadn't thought of having a train push a Delorean, I do plan on creating the Delorean-hidden-in-the-abandoned-mine-by-Boot-Hill scene from the movie. Nobody makes a 1:87 scale Delorean (that I can find and believe me I've looked). I did find a 1:92 scale made out of solid cast resin but without much detail. How 'bout making me one? ;)
  6. N-scale wheels...I should have thought of that, thanks!

    Haha, Doc, let's see how good the first one turns out first. If nothing else, I can tell you how to make the patterns for the body panels like I did...
  7. shaygetz

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    Great work on the Delorean, can't wait to see the finished car. :thumb: I've always wanted to build that Jules Verne type lokey that Doc is seen in at the day(sigh)....
  8. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Fun stuff Bman
  9. Hey, looks like I'm about done with the DeLorean...a little rough around the edges, but it still turned out better than I thought I was gonna pull off. The N-scale wheels worked out okay, a little too small for the car, but fine all around. Seem to hold the car on the rails well, so I'm happy. Here's how it turned out:

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  10. Will_annand

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    Looks great Bachmann. :cool: :thumb:

    "Is this a train hold up?"
    "No, a science experiment."

  11. Connor

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    Wow! I want one!!
  12. Haha, thanks guys
  13. Doc Holliday

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    No fair, I asked first!.

    Looks Fabulous, way, way better than the fake pewter one I was going to buy on ebay.
  14. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    That's beloved wants one, too. Now that you've knocked one off, ya gotta put a flux capacitor in it and Einstein droolin' out the window :thumb: :thumb:
  15. Hahaha, now now, guys....

    Doc, I've seen that pewter one you're talking about (and it's not too good, you're right), but my first train-track DeLorean is much worse. Take a look at this pic; I made this one last fall out of that Sculpey clay and used regularo HO wheels. It's hideous in my opinion. Looking at the pic with the two cars together, it's easy to see the difference between doing something by eye and doing it with scaled measurements. (Needless to say, I don't make stuff like that out of clay anymore, haha) for the flux capacitor, I came very close to doing the detail for the interior---but that idea went out the window when I destroyed the first gullwing door while trying to cut the window out of the metal. So, because my patterns are already worn out, I decided to make another door and just paint on the windows.

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  16. LIRR

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    When this baby hits 80mph you're gonna see some serious s***!
  17. hswn

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    Out of curiousity and we know what that did to the cat. The local used in the movie and in Petticoat Junction {the real one not the mock up} does any one know it's history? What Railroad?
  18. Will_annand

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  19. was that an antiquated design for that time? It looks reminiscent of the old ones like what started on early roads like the Utica & Schenectady RR here in NY, the old "Jervis-type" ones.

    Just as an extra historical side note; I'm not sure if anyone knew, but the first locomotive with an enclosed cab (in the USA) was built by Baldwin and delivered to the Utica & Schenectady RR in the mid-1800's. I'd have to dig through old notes to find the year or where I read it, but I came across that fact while doing a little bit of local research for a history project. The cab was intended to protect the engineers from harsh Central New York winters (not that they were too efficient in getting snow off the tracks back then in those early days)
  20. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    That's great!!!! :)

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