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  1. mntony

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    are there any other brand name "o " gauge cars that connect to lionel? how about 027 gauge ? lionel cars seem very expensive. the couplers on my new lionel look like the real trains. does each manufactuer use different style couplers? sorry about all the questions...........thanks
  2. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Just about all 3-rail O gauge will hook to each other, be it Lionel, K-Line, Williams, MTH or whatever.
    All 0-27 means is the loco or rolling stock has been made unrealistically short enough to handle a 27" radius curve.
    The couplers on your Lionel trains are 10 times bigger than the real ones, other than that they sorta look like the real thing.
    Couplers are the same or at least compatible with each other.
    The reason Lionel (and most 3-rail) stuff is overpriced is that they only make so many per year of each item in order to keep the collector value high. Wouldn't mind that so much if the quality was there, but..................................
  3. Dave Farquhar

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    Buy used. Collector-quality vintage stuff can be expensive, but there's a lot of lower-condition stuff out there that still looks fine and can be had cheap. I typically pay $5-$10 for postwar gondolas and $10-$20 for boxcars. That's comparable to the prices my N scale buddies pay for stuff.

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