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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by thermal, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. thermal

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    I only have room for a small 12' x 8' x 5' HO layout that is U shaped with enough room to do dogbone turns on both ends (18" radii). I operate on DC. I like several railroads
    far removed geographically, they are; DAR, a fallen CPR sub in western Nova Scotia; D&H who ran beautiful trains into Windsor Stn in Montreal from USA (like alco PAs) and the GM&O who ran the Rebel from Chicago down to Mobile AL. I switch around my locos and rolling stock as my interest dictates. Wondering if other modellers have such varied railroad interests and use one small layout for all? don
  2. doctorwayne

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    Hi, Don, and welcome to the Gauge. :wave: While I freelance, I also operate or interchange with prototype roads. However, they did actually operate in the same general area and era in which my layout is set. The original Dominion Atlantic goes back into the 1800's, and I believe that the GM&O had already been merged into Illinois Central Gulf by the time the D&H got those PA's from the Santa Fe, so you're talking three different eras, and at least two widely separated geographical areas. Still, if you concentrated on the northern end of the GM&O, you could probably come up with some generic scenery that would look appropriate with any of your three favourites. And even if you can't, as long as you're pleased with the way things are, no one here is going to tell you that you're wrong.:thumb: If you can, please post some pictures: I've always liked the GM&O's paint scheme, based, I believe, on that of the Alton.


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