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    Why didn't I think of clothespins? I'm off to the laundry room!
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    These men's tool-storing workspaces are far too neat and orderly. It's time to see dust and clutter, i.e. mine. This is not just for card model building, however. I do polymer clay sculpture, plastic models and dollhouse miniature work here as well.

    Though technically furniture, I really consider the bench and shelf unit my best tools, actually. I used to make lots of auctions and scored most everything there very cheaply. The shelf unit is an office mail cabinet I picked up for like $15.


    My main cardmodeling tool is my X-Acto knife with a contoured rubber handle. Since I do almost all my cutting with this tool it was worth the extra expense for the rubberizing. Mines an older model than the one in the closeup here. As you can see, I really need to pick up a bigger cutting mat, but I seldom cut parts longer than 12 inches anyway.

    The other most essential tool for me is the little set of opaque watercolors. I use these and an very small brush to color white edges to match the body color of my models. Call me picky, but just don't like white edges showing. I tried using colored markers, it was way too easy to deposit too much paint and glob the edge. If you use the side of a small brush you can easily control the amount of paint that goes on.

    I often use the cover torn Uline catalog there for gluing. I can just lay an item on the page, spread glue, then tear off and discard the page after. If I'm worried about something picking up color from the page, I just glue on a piece of clean paper, though.

    BTW, the weird thing under that glass bell is an unfinished steampunk orerry I'm working on.


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