On30 Modules: NMRA Standards & Recommended Practices

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    ON30 Modules

    Hey all!

    What ever you do and what ever standard is being developed, do not build them any lower than 48" to the top of the rail. The NMRA 38 inch standards for all other scales is too much of a hastle and try crawling under one. Same goes for N track, nothing like a bird's eye view of a layout.

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    Re: ON30 Modules

    The OCMODS are almost unique in the standard regarding rail height from the floor!!!!

    It's variable!!!

    36" to 56".

    Most module standards say that rail height at the interface must be X" from the floor and usually don't allow for any grade on the mainline.

    With On30, we are talking about shortline and mountain railroading in Narrow Gauge.

    That means tight curves and steep grades.

    Many other module standards say that if you do incorporate a grade on the mainline, you have to go up and then back down (Or down then back up) to the specific interface height.

    By using adjustable module stands, we are able to set our modules to any height between the 36" to 56" heights. I have been building a module set that has interface heights that vary up to 1" per module.

    With the use of Helices and or Switch-back modules, we could potentially set up a multi-level layout.

    Also, a large group of OCMODS would make a great scene when there are actual mountians and valleys.

    The whole set of standards give a prototypical operations aspect. With DCC and/or R/C controls, we will be able to use helper engines and/or double head trains on the grades.

    Join the OCMODS yahoo group and take a look at the Adjustable Leg page. to see how it is done.

    I've also written an article for LID (Light Iron Digest Magazine) on OCMODS that will appear in the December/January issue.

    It talks about some of the more interesting and unique features of the OCMODS.
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    The variable height

    Of the OCMODS is also good for shows...

    If you are operating with the guys, you can set things up at what ever height you like and is comfortable.

    If you are introducing the hobby to a bunch of youngsters, then it is a good idea to set things up at their level.

    As far as ducking under....

    The OCMODS are based on a combination of Free-Mo and Bend-Track Module Standards. So instead of the typical NTrak type tail-chaser operations, things are more prototypical.

    The OCMODS setup meanders around and is designed to be viewed from both sides, instead of the big circular set ups you usually see...

    To see what I mean, take a look at the NBR&N layout. They are the inspiration for the OCMODS...
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