On30/HOn30, who says there weren't 30" lines in N. America?

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    Good link ! What surprises me is that none of these railroads are mentioned in George W. Hilton's "American Narrow Gauge Railroads"!
    The railroads mentioned are: The Ahukini Terminal and Railroad Company, Kauai; the Kauai Railway, kauai; and the Harbor Springs Railway, Harbor Springs,Mi.
    3' gauge is the most popular, 3'6" next, then 2'. After that it's a toss up 2'6", 3'2", 3'61/2", 3'4", 4'3".
    One quote from the book," Hawaii was the capitol of 30" gauge, as Maine was for 2' gauge.
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    Hiya Jon,
    Nice website that, looked all through it.
    thanks for sharing

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