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    You can't see it for the smoke, but the 3985 is the last loco in that consist. ;):-D:p:p
    It looks pretty heavy to be normal diesel exhaust: perhaps one of those locos has a malfunctioning turbocharger, a possible cause of excess smoke.

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    My good friend Steve:mrgreen: , you are WAY to kind:winki: , THANK YOU!!:smilie::mrgreen:

    Zachary, GLAD you liked the modern wide cabs & tunnel motors:mrgreen::mrgreen: , i don't have anymore tunnel motors(5 is enough for me:119: ), but I DO have a few more modern wide cabs:thumb: , I'll try and post 'em this week:winki: .

    Kevin, FIRST OFF, your NOT hijacking my thread, ANYTIME you have something to say, ask, or share, PLEASE DO!:thumb::mrgreen:
    OK, now that i made that clear...:winki:

    THANK YOU for complements & asking about my SD38-2:mrgreen: . its one of the first Kato's that they made for easy DCC installs:thumb: , it has a space in the fuel tank for speakers, i wish other brands did the same. i put Loksound in it, and added a multitude of detail parts to it, some warning decals, paint work, and just finished weathering it tonight. as i mentioned before, this engine was the first one i put one of my world famous...:119: ...cab roof mounted radio/GPS platforms on:thumb: .

    As for the smoke coming out of the tunnel, i would have to agree with Wayne:thumb: (THANKS WAYNE!:mrgreen: ), I think it probably is a bad turbo charger:winki: . at first i considered it to be fans on the far end of the tunnel clearing it out, but upon further thought, i think there are vents that travel upward to take the smoke out of the tunnels, so Wayne's answer seems most likely:winki: (but NOT his 3985 answer:toug::119: ).

    As for the lead engine in the last link you posted, well, we used to keep our engines SPOTLESS here on the sub:thumb: , but we have been slacking some lately:eeki: ...but NOT as bad as the engine on the point in that pick:119: . ACTUALLY, i just weathered 4 more engines tonight, and plan on hitting them ALL by the end of next month. thats a LOT to do, we'll see what happens:winki::mrgreen: .

    :deano: -Deano

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    A good friend of mine mentioned that in a few posts i have made, i mentioned certain parts of an engine, and he was kinda lost on just what exactly i was talking about. taking his advice, i am going to post two pics showing just SOME of the parts to a diesel engine, in these pics I IN NO WAY show EVERY part of an engine, but instead i covered a few parts, and some of the parts you might want to add when detailing an engine out:thumb: .

    for the old timers and those with engine knowledge, you can disregard this post:winki: . for those of you that are just starting out model RRing, or are looking for ideas of some details to add on YOUR engines, i hope this may be of SOME help:thumb::mrgreen: .

    in the first pic below, i labeled *DYNAMIC BRAKES, that engine DOES NOT have dynamic brakes, but if it did, you would see the vents for them there in that area the red arrow points to. EXAMPLE: look at the above post that shows the side view of my SD38-2 #833, THAT ENGINE has dynamic brakes.

    :deano: -Deano
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    I WANT AN AC6000!!!!! Man those 2 lashed up together look so cool and POWERFUL!!!!!! :eek: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:. I think im going to save up for an AC6000 in the UP paint this time :thumb: :mrgreen:

    BTW, i saw you posted UP/SP #8620 again. its my favorite engine of yours :twisted: :thumb: :mrgreen:
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    deano i really like those desiel detailing pics they will come in handy for my next loco
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    Deano...You had me going for a second there...Looking at your labeled pics I thought you'd done a mega-detailing job...!!! Had to look a little closer to realize they were 1:1 scale.....:mrgreen:
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    Hey Deano, Thank for the info, it well be helpful when I get there and illustrates how far over my head I am:-o

    Joe :v8:
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    Thanks Deano!:winker::thumb:

    btw...I really love that second pic of #833:thumb:....what a great looking engine!!!!
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    Josh, GLAD you liked a couple of the engines i posted:winki::mrgreen: . your right, the AC6000 IS AWESOME:thumb: , and i too like my UP patched SP#8620:winki::mrgreen: .

    Zachary, you mentioning you liked my last post just made it worth doing, THANK YOU!:mrgreen: here's a tip, try and find pics(or take pics if you can:winki: ) of the engine your going to detail, MOST of the things you'll add to an engine will be the same, like coupler cut bars, step plates, hoses etc. , but different roads set up some things a little different then the next:winki: . things like antenna & horn placement, different types of plows etc., will really make a difference on making your engine correct to the road it is:winki: . a little homework will really set your engines apart from other peoples "out of the box" engines:winki::mrgreen: .

    Gus, THANK YOU, for the GREAT complement:winki::mrgreen: .

    Joe, i hope the last post IS of help to you in the near future:thumb: . hey, don't worry, your NOT in over your head:winki: , just take things a step at a time, and if you need ANY help on anything i can help you with, PLEASE feel free to ask:smilie: , i have no RR secrets, and will do my best to help out:winki::mrgreen: .

    Steve!, no my friend, THANK YOU!:winki: ...:mrgreen:
    I almost didn't post the second pic because it has a weird hair? or something in it:eeki::oops: . i really like that engine too:thumb: , fact is, its one of my top ten favorites, and is one of my most run engines:winki::mrgreen: . being its a Kato, it runs SLAP FANTASTIC, and the Loksound decoder in it is the icing on the cake:mrgreen:

    Pictured below is another one of my "most run" engines:thumb: , of coarse its an SD40-2SN:mrgreen: . it too is a Kato, i installed Loksound in it, and actually found a prototype picture of #3401:thumb: . in the pic of it, it had the "we will deliver" slogan on the side, so i added it to this engine, along with some detail parts on the front & rear, and weathered it:winki: .
    :deano: -Deano
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    Hey Deano...Really...Your work is OUTSTANDING..!! :thumb:
    Wish I had that kind of talent (and patience....)
    PM me when you get a chance...
  13. UP SD40-2

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    THANK YOU Gus:smilie: , you, my friend, are to kind:winki: , THANK YOU!:smilie:

    ...Check your PM's:winki::mrgreen: .

    :deano: -Deano
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    Well folks, i talked with the 2nd Head yard master of UP's yard in Janesville last weekend:mrgreen: , and planned on doing a write up on it after i finished a couple of my engine projects. i was doing the write up tonight, and was going to post it:mrgreen: , but it will be postponed till tomorrow night now:toug: .

    i don't want to let on much, so as to not spoil the write up, but i will say this, folks, if you railfan with a digital camera, BACK UP YOUR PICS, they may come in handy years later:winki: . "Deano, what does this have to do with your write up?":confused: , bear with me folks, after you read it tomorrow night, it will all make sense:thumb::mrgreen: .

    i have been railfanning the UP & WSOR for the last few years with digital cameras. i have went through 4 digital cameras in that time, so my early shots arnt as good of quality as my newer shots:oops: , but still, I'm glad i still have the earlier shots:thumb: . ANYWAYS, i was going through the proto pics i have taken at UP's yard in Janesville, and some i have taken around town to go with the write up, as i was doing this, i suddenly noticed i had some pics that at the time, i didn't realize the significance of them:eeki: , but i do now!:thumb::mrgreen:

    DON'T GET ME WRONG, the whole thing isn't that big a deal:toug::119: , NO earth shattering ground breaking news:eeki: , in fact, there really isn't going to be that much to it:toug: , but still, its kinda neat to me, and i hope some of you enjoy it in tomorrows write up:winki: .

    Till tomorrow night...stay on track:thumb: .
    :deano: -Deano
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    A TALE OF TWO TALES...:winki: (OR, dumb luck hits me twice:119: )

    Last Saturday morning i took off to the hobby shop in Janesville to pick up the SD40T-2SN i had ordered. when i got there, as usual on Saturday mornings Rick(the owner)was talking with a few of the hobby shop regulars. Rick is a great guy, and knows all the local modelers & a lot of WSOR & UP guys.

    Since Rick was busy, i was looking for some new freight cars(i picked up a NEW UP auto rack i didn't have:thumb: )& a few other items i needed. as i walked up to the counter, in walks UP's second in command yard master:eeki: (sorry, cant remember his name:frowns::oops: ), he had on his UP hat & jacket, he was dressed in his work clothes. man every guy in the hobby shop was on him like flies on...:119: . it was obvious to me that some of the guys knew him, so i just stood outside the group taking in everything i could:mrgreen: .

    the poor guy was being bombarded with questions, but hey, you guys know me:winki: , did you honestly think i wasn't going to but in and introduce myself, and throw a few questions at him:mrgreen: . he was nice and answered the couple questions i was able to throw in between the other guys there:thumb: .

    i asked him about the Harvard sub(thats where he works) and the Belvedere Sub. he explained to me the Harvard sub in Janesville is part of what UP calls the "Chicago service center":winki: . i was kinda surprised, sure i don't live far from Chicago, but i didn't think anything considered part of Chicago would be carried into Southern WI. ANYWAYS, he told me the boundary lines for the Belvedere Sub, Harvard Sub, and what they called the "Mainlines". it was very informative for me:winki: , not much for you folks:oops: , but it cleared up questions i had for the area i live in:thumb: .

    i was only able to get three more questions in before i was cut off by the others, and being the engine nut i am:mrgreen: , you darn sure know they were engine specific questions:mrgreen: .
    HOW MANY UNPATCHED CNW units are left?
    his answer was 2, #8701 & #8646. for a long time these engines ran with UP's CNW heritage unit back and forth from Omaha to Proviso yard in Chicago:thumb: , only VERY RECENTLY these units have been split up:frowns: .

    First, i gotta tell you folks, the Harvard yard in Janesville had two patched units for years, BOTH geeps, one was an SP, the other was a Rio Grande:eeki::thumb: . there is an overpass that goes over the south end of the yard and every time i would go over it, i would always look down to admire those units if i seen them:winki: . a couple years ago dad showed me how to get to the public road that goes right by the south end of the yard, a fairly decent place to get some shots. i happened to take a few picks of the SP & Rio Grande since they were there when dad took me:thumb: , NOT GREAT SHOTS mind you, but still, i got 'em:mrgreen: . NOW ON TO THE QUESTIONS...

    The Rio Grande was sent out to Jenks yard(UP's second largest classification yard, and their largest Loco service facility), and was rebuilt & painted in UP colors, then sent back to the sub:eeki: . (sure I'm a UP fan, but i was crushed, i loved to see that Rio Grande)

    Yes, we just got that unit back from Jenks yard, it had the same treatment as the Rio Grande:eeki: , you wont see anymore patched units at the Harvard service center:eeki: .

    WELL, thats all i could get in, i tried to get a couple more questions in, but was unable to, so i ended up leaving.

    AS i was looking through the railfan pics i had taken in the past, for pics to put with this post, i noticed something i didn't realize at the time:eeki: . take a look at the first couple pics, i took these a couple years ago at the Harvard yard, pay attention to the numbers on the geeps, especially the Rio Grande:winki: .

    NOW lets jump ahead in time to Fathers day just LAST YEAR, i took these pics in South Beloit, pay attention to the engine Numbers:winki: , do you see what i noticed last night?:mrgreen: .

    THATS RIGHT, THE RIO GRANDE WAS sitting right before me and i didn't even know it at the time i was taking the pics:oops: . In fact, ALL THREE of the units that were together in the pics i took a couple years ago, still travel together, as you can see:winki: . on the bright side, i have before and after shots of the Rio Grande:thumb: , and i have good shots of the SP unit before it was repainted:thumb: . now i will be searching for the SP unit in UP colors:winki: .....

    :deano: -Deano
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    Hey Deano, Great story, man I wish I understood this rr history stuff. It is very interesting. Looking forward to your next post. Oh, BTW, thanks for the offer to help with my mrr-ing dilemma. :twisted: I can use the help; my forehead is bruised and sore wall1. The modeling experience and the folk here on the gauge are great.:mrgreen:

    Joe :thumb:
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    As always Deano, Awesome pics and story to go along with them:thumb::thumb:
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    On another note, I performed a Military Funeral in northern OK on Saturday. On the way back saw a UP grain train with a UP unit in the lead but to SP GE units behind it. It was getting pretty dark and we passed each other going opposit direction, so I didn't get a great look, but it sure was cool to see. Most of what I run into around here is BNSF:eek: Oh well better than nothing:mrgreen:
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    Great story Deano...!!! I admire your persistence in digging into the history behind particular engines. With time you'll have enough stuff to write a history of the UP in your area...
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    I think hes already got enough to wright one. He could just come out with another one later(vol2) and make a killing.:mrgreen:

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