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  1. Sarge_7

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    Here is the first project that Deano helped me with. H esent me some pics to help with the research of thi UP E-6 painted in the Overland scheme:mrgreen:

    8-M-1 is a Cary E-6 shell on a Hobbytown drive:twisted:



    Still missing the horns and need to work on the windows.......but it is much better off than 8-M-2:oops:


    8-M-1 did'nt look much better when it started though so there is still hope:thumb:
  2. UP SD40-2

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    Jim:wav: , WHOA!!!:eeki: I AM 110% IMPRESSED!!!:bravo:
    that is just SLAP AWESOME:thumb::thumb::thumb: , REALLY, CRIPES, you should be VERY PROUD of that job!:winki::thumb::mrgreen: (brings a tear of joy to my eyes:winki::smilie: )
    TRULY OUTSTANDING WORK, my friend:thumb::mrgreen: . THANK YOU for posting it:winki::mrgreen: .

    :deano: -Deano
  3. Sarge_7

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    Thank You Deano:oops: I was quit impressed with the reults myself. I'll get the other one done some day.
  4. UP SD40-2

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    Jim, i want you to edit your above post:eeki: , you take that "embarrassed" emoction off and insert the PROUD SMILEY emoction in its place, you slap deserve it:winki::thumb::mrgreen: .

    i just checked over all my UP E6 "M" series pics, and those Cary shells were about a dead match for that series:thumb: . GREAT JOB!!!:bravo:

    :deano: -Deano
  5. Sarge_7

    Sarge_7 Member

    If you liked that, wait till you see what I may have for you tomorrow or the next day. Just finishing up some detail, don't think I have posted them yet but we'll see:p
  6. cnw1961

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    Deano, your VO-1000 is beautiful, even with only one stack...I love them all.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:.

    You don’t find a lot of info on Baldwin’s VO-1000. Here are two links to a few snippets:
    The Baldwin Diesel Zone - The Baldwin Diesel-Electric Switching Locomotive
    Baldwin VO-1000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Steve, I have a pic of #401 with four long stacks. I don’t know when it was taken, but judging by the look of the engine, it was by the time it retired. http://www.cnw.mattheydesign.de/NP401.jpg So maybe they really changed the stacks of #402 too after your pic was taken.

    In the first years of production, VO-1000s were delivered with one stack, but the De La Vergne engine had the tendency to overheat. To get rid of the problem, Baldwin changed the exhaust system to lead away the hot exhaust fumes from the engine. They experimented with two stacks first but eventually came up with the four stack configuration. So all VO-1000s that were produced later, had four stacks. Some railroads changed the exhaust system of their older VOs to that four stack configuration too, but others made a more drastic move and replaced the De La Vergne engines with EMD engines :eek:.

    Just a short supplement to Deano’s very interesting history lessons. :mrgreen::wave::wave::wave:
  7. UP SD40-2

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    Jim, i cant wait to see what you have next:twisted::thumb: .

    Kurt, WOW!:eeki: THANK YOU for providing a "supplement" to my engine "Spotlights":thumb::mrgreen: . i really learned something from it:winki::mrgreen: , thats what its all about my friend:winki: , thats EXACTLY what its all about:thumb: .

    :deano: -Deano
  8. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    Kurt...Great history lesson!:thumb:
    But as you well know............I prefer to makeup my own "facts":winker::mrgreen::twisted:.
  9. Sarge_7

    Sarge_7 Member

    Well didn't do the project I was going to do, had a bad PTSD daywall1
    But I will go ahead and post my highly modified SD9R That will eventually go into the thread I hope to do for my freelanced road. I am actually doing some reasearch for it to make a realistic and possible history of the road, atleast since the 80's, still trying to make it older.

    I'm thinking this would have been built in our own shops and I'm thinking the shop foremans name is going to be crazy larry, because of the wild rebuilds he will be doing. What do ya think?




    This shell came out of my junk box. It was a project I started as a kid. Whe I pulled it out the nose was choped but nothing filled in and the 4 36" fans were gone. No frame, trucks or handrails. Mostly homemade:mrgreen:
  10. dwdean

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    UP Armor Yellow

    Hey Deano,

    Thanks. Been doing a little more than thinking about adding a Building America unit to my still very small roster. I've tracked down a couple of undecorated units and found prototypes to model (it took a while to figure out that UP actually does have AC4400's with three dynamic break vents and low number boards, but they do, they all came from CNW....)

    The only ready made stuff I've seen out there in this scheme comes from Kato (all the Athearn stuff has been discontinued), and I don't really like how thick Kato's handrails are....

    Anyways, I started looking at paint, and dug out my airbrush (I was never very good with the thing and figured I'd better see if I thought I could practice enough to get good enough to try painting an engine.) In any event, I got a bottle of Polly S UP Armor Yellow and set to practicing. Well the practice went so-so, but then I really started looking at the color and started thinking that it really wasn't very close to UP's yellow. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a better brand of this color out there? I'm not married to Polly S (thought being able to clean up with water is nice.)

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts and for the great thread!

  11. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Jim:wav: , WOW!!:eeki: , yet ANOTHER FANTASTIC JOB!!!:bravo:
    GREAT WORK on that SD9R:thumb: , i cant wait to see more of "Crazy Larry" and the gangs engines:winki::mrgreen: .

    Dan:wav: , i prefer Badger brand Armor yellow(its water based):thumb: , though i keep some Polly Scale Armor yellow on hand too, as it matches some of the model manufactures Armor yellow:winki: . i keep Floquil Harbor mist gray(solvent based), and Polly scale Harbor mist Gray(water based)on hand too:winki: .

    Heres the thing, you can take any two UP models, and even any two UP prototypical engines for that matter, and NONE of them will be an exact match:eeki::winki: . though they are all Armor yellow, just a drop extra of one of the pigments that makes the color will change the appearance:winki: . as for the REAL UP engines, sun fading, weathering, etc will change the color of them, so really ANY Armor yellow will work:thumb: .

    i know what your saying though:winki: , thats why i use Badger brand, i think it looks better:thumb: . the last UP engine i did an overall paint job on was on a Cary shell H12-44(pics below), i used badger brand Armor Yellow, and Floquil brand Harbor mist gray. since Floquil is a solvent based paint, i sprayed it first, then waited 3-4 days for the solvents to COMPLETELY evaporate out, sure paint may be dry to the touch, but its not completely dry till all the solvents have evaporated out:winki: . waiting ensures when you mask over the paint it wont come off, and it wont leave unsightly tape marks in the first color:winki: . i use 70% strength isopropyl rubbing alcohol to cut water based paints, this speeds up the drying time:winki: , though you can use water to cut the water based paints with too, either will work:thumb: .

    MY VIEWS ON Kato's...
    i honestly believe Kato makes some of the BEST engines, very smooth running, and FANTASTIC detail:thumb: . i don't find their hand rails to big at all, take a look further up on this very page, the SD38-2 is one of my Kato's, i think the rails look GREAT!:thumb: ...just MY thoughts:winki::mrgreen: .

    :deano: -Deano
  12. UP SD40-2

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    Deano's ENGINE SPOTLIGHT...#2

    Well folks, this installment of "Deano's Engine Spotlight" features one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! The Milwaukee Road #760 Fairbanks-Morse H10-44.:thumb::mrgreen:

    On August 21, 1944, F-M rolled out its first H10-44; "H" for a hood-type car body, "10" for 1000 horsepower and "44" for a B-B (four axles and four traction motors) wheel arrangement, Raymond Lowey designed the body.

    This engine was Built for the very first customer FM had, the Milwaukee Road. the builder number was #L1001 and originally this engine was #1802, but later changed to #760. the Milwaukee Road owned this engine until the summer of 1983, it was then donated to the IRM where it now resides in FULL OPERATING CONDITION.:eeki::thumb::thumb:

    Folks, i have seen & herd this engine run several times, smelled the exhaust fumes, and been on the porch of this truly magnificent engine. in person, this engine is HUGE, much longer and taller then it looks in pics, and the opposed piston prime mover in this engine has a very distinct sound, FM's sound like no other diesels:winki: .

    On the tenth anniversary of FM building train engines, the Milwaukee Road returned #760 to FM's home plant in Beloit WI for showing at the big affair.

    You can see this AWESOME engine run every now and then at the IRM, or if you want to see it for sure running, go to the IRM on "Diesel Days" weekend in July.:thumb:

    Walther's made the FM H10-44 engines(DC) back in the 80's, and you can find them on Ebay occasionally. these engines are VERY HARD to convert to DCC, it can be done, but your in for A LOT OF WORK doing it:frowns: .

    Cary made a shell that represents the H10-44 / H12-44 models, they are just as i said, a metal shell, no motor, or anything, you have to make them work yourself. you can currently buy these shells from Bowser:winki:

    Proto 2000 is coming out with the DC and DCC H10-44's this June 30th:thumb: . (my birthday is ALSO on June 30th, and i would be more then happy to accept a few of these as presents:119: )

    here are just a few pics out of MANY that i have taken of this engine at the IRM:thumb: .

    :deano: -Deano
  13. cnw1961

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    Deano, this FM H10-44 is one of the engines that’s very high up on my list of locos I like most. Must be great to see and hear it run :rolleyes:.

    With your permission, here are two pics of my new SAL VO-1000. (Steve, only one part jumped off my tweezers when I put the details on – I think you know which one :mrgreen::mrgreen::p:twisted:...fortunately there is no carpet in my office, so that I found it without searching too long...)



    I did not have the time to weather it yet, the next picture shows the reason. I started to build my new layout a few days ago and this evening I finished laying track and wiring. I just finished the first test run and it went fine, no shorts or derailments.

  14. jbaakko

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    Deano, you have any of the black UP switchers?
  15. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Kurt, WOW!!!:eeki: AWESOME LOOKING VO-1000!!!:thumb::thumb::mrgreen:
    THANKS for posting your track plan too!:thumb::mrgreen: , i bet i am more excited to see your NEW layout come together then you are:eeki::winki::thumb::mrgreen::mrgreen: .

    Josh, no, i had a chance to pick one up recently too, but passed on it:oops: .
    without looking it up, i am pretty sure one of the black UP switchers was an NW2:confused: , cant remember right off if there was anymore, or what they were though:confused: ...gettin old:oops::119: . why do you ask?, did you just get one?:confused:

    :deano: -Deano
  16. UP SD40-2

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    Rock Valley Sub "Tales & Lore" (Flashback)

    Yes, I'm one of those guys that have "personalities" on my layout that i have/will continue to write about:winki: .

    Now you folks that have been on this forum for some time have probably read some of the "Tales & Lore" i have wrote about the Rock Valley Sub:winki: , and i have mentioned writing such stories in this thread:winki: , but I'm thinking the "newer" members on this forum probably don't have a clue as to what i am talking about:oops: .

    Big Ed is the most well known "personality" on my layout, he's the "Crew Chief" on the Rock Valley Sub:thumb: . my favorite story wrote so far was collaborated by my good friend Wayne and I, and it contained a lot of Big Eds background in it:winki: . i posted this story, like most of them, in a "Weekly Photo Fun" Thread, and i thought it to be ashame to have this story lost amungst the tons of Photo Fun threads that now exist, and felt it should be resurfaced as the ground work to start NEW tales on the RVS:winki: . My apologies to those that have read this:oops: , but i hope those that haven't might enjoy it:thumb: .

    ON with the Story...:winki:

    Most of you that follow the Tales and lore of Union Pacific's "Rock Valley Sub" located in Southern Wisconsin are quite familiar with "Big Ed", he's the crew chief on the Sub, and though his Father worked for Fairbanks-Morse building engines, he had another tie with railroading too....

    I remember well when Big Ed used to spend the summers in Lowbanks Canada, Of course, in those days everybody called him Lil' Eddie:winki: . He used to stay at the home of his cousin, Cliff Sjoblom and both he and Cliff used to chum around with Cliff's neighbor, Al Moon. They were all about 6 or 7 years old when this started, and it went on until they were in their teens.


    Cliff's Dad fired for Al's Dad on the EG&E, and Al later went on to become Superintendent of Motive Power for the EG&E. As kids, the three spent a lot of time hangin' around the shops in Lowbanks, where Cliff's Dad was assigned at the time. Later, when he was transferred to the EG&E, working out of Hagersville, Ed continued to visit, and all three lads (Al's family had moved too, when Mr. Moon had been re-assigned) managed to get quite a few cab rides or trips in a caboose. Some of Lil' Eddie's fondest memories was of the EG&E's Northern #501 and a 2-6-6-2 that i am sorry i cant recall the number of.:oops:


    Even after they had all grown up and gone their separate ways, they always kept in touch.:winki:
    When it was announced that the power plant in Mount Forest would be closed, Al knew that he'd need to find a new home for those big U-boats, as their main task was hauling the tri-weekly coal trains out of Port Maitland, up the steep and twisting grades to Mt. Forest. A quick 'phone call to his old buddy "Big Ed" got the ball rolling, and, when the paperwork was settled, it was decided that the three units would be assigned to Union Pacific's "Rock Valley Sub" on a long-term lease.

    The First pic is of Big Ed PROUDLY standing in front of the three NEWLY leased EG&E U-36CH's the day they arrived on the Sub. the rest of the pics show the leased units in action on the Rock Valley Sub:winki: .

    I PERSONALLY would like to THANK MY VERY GOOD FRIEND WAYNE for all the Black and White pics he provided, and the history on Big Ed's past with his Canadian Cousins in Lowbanks:winki: , THANK YOU WAYNE!:winki::thumb::mrgreen: . :deano: -Deano

  17. steamhead

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    WoW..!! Great story and great engines to go with it..!! Big Ed is gonna have his hands full..!! :mrgreen: Hopefully they'll have a long and profitable life at the RV-Sub..!!:thumb:
  18. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Gus:wav: , THANK YOU so much!:smilie: , I'm GLAD you enjoyed it:thumb::mrgreen: .

    BIG NEWS on the RVS, more steam to hit the roster:thumb: ...more on this Monday:toug::119::mrgreen: .

    I went to dads today, and took a couple pics of his NEW Milwaukee Road MP15AC:thumb::mrgreen: .

    :deano: -Deano
  19. Sarge_7

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    deano, awesome story. I always love to read Doc Wayne and your stories:thumb::thumb:
  20. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    That switcher looks great in Milwaukee garb, Dean, and that pick-up's not too bad, either. ;)
    I was nice to see the Big Ed story again, too, and nicer still to hear that there's more steam coming to the Rock Valley Sub. :thumb::thumb: Any hints?


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