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Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by Nitro Napalm, Feb 18, 2004.

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  1. Nitro Napalm

    Nitro Napalm Member

    Yup that horrible topic again, im buying my RC tomorrow - my 1st ever hobby grade RC. Im Very Excited BUT (Thats a big BUT) i can either get the HPI rtr 3 evo or the HPI MT2 - there both exatcly the same price. I figure that the on-road is gonna get tedious as u can only take it ON-ROAD, and sooner or l8r im gonna start jumping it :D the Off-road is kool - speed and control (HPI says that the MT2 has the best control out of the Stadium Trucks) I had my heart set on the rtr 3 evo but then just a month ago i changed to the MT2 ... what are your veiws on this? n e veiw is fine. I'm kinda confused and would like some encouragment...thnx in advance. P.S. there's two people on my road who have on-road.
  2. Nitram68

    Nitram68 Member

    Nitro Napalm, I haven't seen anyone reply lately and don't remember seeing any posts as to what you had bought. I will tell you my thoughts on this though. If you got the onroad car you are kind of "stuck" to the pavement:)DHAHA). If you got stadium type you still have the ability to bring it "close" to the performance of the onroad car. I'll grant you it will take some tuning of the suspension and good street tires but like I said it can go both ways. Just my input so have fun with whatever you get!
  3. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    There are a couple of companies who make rally cars, HPI for one, but limited, can't jump real high, but lots of fun. And they do work real well on-road too.
  4. ya I want a rally too, they look like a lot of fun, but my wallet is too thin
  5. Nitram68

    Nitram68 Member

    Danny- You might check out "www.towerhobbies.com". This site could give you a good idea as to what you could afford. I'm sure if you post questions about your choices everybody would be glad to help to make sure you don't get a lemon. As always just my "2 cents". Happy hunting!
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