Oldies but Goodies. The Old Stuff.

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    The MARX 0-4-0 side tank locomotive.

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    Oldies 40' Box Cars

    On page Five were 3 Old AHM box cars. A&D, P&WV, WIF&S. Here are 3 more.
    Outside braced 40' Northern Pacific.
    Watermellon car or Ventilated box car 40' Central of Georgia.
    40' box car Alantic & West Point.

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  3. Sawdust

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    Nice cars there Frank. I like the ventilated car, very unique.
  4. Maico Shark

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    :rolleyes:Yeah but if you want realism you need to airbrush some wacko graffiti on the side
  5. toptrain1

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    More AHM box cars

    More AHM box cars. Their are 6 others three on a page on posts 96 and 142. Here are three more.

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  6. Sawdust

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    Hey Frank is that B&O TS one of the 6 packs that Athearn just released? Looks great!
  7. toptrain1

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    NO that is a AHM release from the 1980s
  8. toptrain1

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    photo index to date

    Index :
    Oldies but Goodies, the old stuff : toptrain

    page 9 by cnj 999 Laconia Mathieson dry ice car
    page 14 by TT three old wood kit built reefers
    1 G Heileman brewing Co. 2 Miller high Life 3 Prima Beer
    page 15 by TT three old Mantua reefers
    1 Gerbers 2 MDT NYC 3 PFE SP
    page 18 by TT three more old wood reefers
    1 Cloverbloom Butter 2 Page Milk 3 Meyer Kornblum Beef
    page 19 by TT Varney metal 40'reefer ART MPL & Wabash
    page 24 by cnj 999 Ideal model, Fire Station, a card stock model
    page 26 by TT 1 Varney metal 40'reefer Blatz Beer
    2 Silver sides 40' reefer Carnation Milk
    page 29 by TT Mantua 40' box car Model Railroader Magazine's 25 Anniversary
    page 32 by TT Hobbyline FM H-10-44 diesel , Lehigh Valley
    page 35 by TT Athearn EMD GP30 NYC # 2532
    page 36 by TT A.C.Gilbert ( American Flyer ) PRR B6sa #155
    page 37 by TT A.C.Gilbert ( American Flyer ) PRR B6sa #433
    page 38 by TT A.C.Gilbert ( American Flyer ) PRR B6sa #31009
    page 39 by TT A.C.Gilbert ( American Flyer ) B&O B6sa #31019
    page40 by spawn of chaos Riverossi , UP big boy 4-8-8-4, Fleishmann, DB 01-182 4-6-2 pacific
    page 42 by Ray M. Aristo Craft Ashland Coal Co. 0-8-0
    page 45 by TT Other Aristo Craft locomotives
    page 46 by TT Liliput 4-6-4 tanker locomotives lettered for the Jersey Central Lines
    page 49 By cnj 999 fire station by Ideal a repeat of page 24
    page 51 by TT Ad for Ideal train stuff
    page 52 by sarge 7 Cary- Hobbytown UP E6
    page 54 by TT Riverossi 2-8-0 three photos of USRA leased locos from WW1
    page 55 by triplex Ideal train stuff add.
    page 56 by TT Athearn GP9 custom by ????? three photos
    page 57 by TT Varney open coal hopper Virginian railroad
    page 58 by TT Marx NYC Hudson #666 at a Lionel station
    page 64 by TT Athearn PRR GP9s three more photos
    page 65 by TT American GK loco companys E-60 CF single cab, and E60-CP two cab
    page 74 by TT A.C.Gilbert NYC Hudsons. 4 photos
    page 78 by Train nut United Brass 2-6-6-0
    page 84 by shaygetz PFM United Brass Sierra 2-6-0
    page 89 by TT Marx 40' box cars 6 photos
    page 90 by TT Riverossi Cresent Limited Pacific 4-6-2 2 photos of
    page 91 by TT Old wood Poultry cars 2 photos
    page 92 by TT Riverossi PRR E7a
    page 93 by TT Lindbergh HO trains stock car GN 42734
    page 96 by TT AHM 40' box cars 3 photos 1 A&D, 2 P&WV, 3 WIF
    page 97 by TT 1 Hobbyline PRR A5 0-4-0, 2 John English PRR A5 0-4-0, 3 John English PRR A5 0-4-0
    page 98 by TT A.C.Gilbert HO mine Car, exploding car
    page 99 by TT HO Train Co. HOTCO brass 4-4-0 NYC Empire State Express #999
    page 100 by TT Mantua United States Army 40' box car
    page 102 by TT Penn-Line, Varney PRR GG1
    page 103 by COX 47 Strombecker , Rock Island Rocket
    page 105 by shaygetz Strombecker, 5 freight cars
    page 106 by Shaygetz Ambroid snow plow, 2 photos of. And a company add
    page 109 by TT Revell UP box car
    page 113 by Shaygetz Walters Impact test car photo and info
    page 114 by steamhead 6 old freight cars.
    page 119 by TT A.C.Gilbert 2 photos PRR type B6sa. 2 different PRR # 155s
    page120 by Ed Acosta Aristo Craft Thomas Rogers 2-6-0
    page 124 by TT Varney 2 tank cars
    page 125 by Ed Acosta Athearn metal crane
    page 129 by TT Varney 40' metal reefer ART #24248 MPL and Wabash
    page 130 by TT John English Co. USRA light pacific, Reading 2 photos
    page 131 by Bill Nelson Lindsay stubby diesel, Varney 4-6-0, wood kits, wood kits
    page 135 by TT MDC, Roundhouse. 4 Freedom Train Cars
    page 136 by Bill Nelson Lindsay motor 2 photos
    page 137 by TT Lindsay Alco PA1 locomotive. 3 photos
    page 141 by TT Marx NYC 0-4-0t
    page 142 by TT AHM freight cars 1 NP, OB 40' box car, GC box car, A WP RR 40' box car
    page 145 by TT AHM 40' box cars 1 A&S, 2 B&O, 3 CB&Q
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    The Marx F3a

    here it is in Santa Fe. Warbonnet colors.

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    Unable to edit my posts

    This is happening again. Last time you restored my ablity to edit only new posts. I put up with this. Now I have to many things. New photos and discriptions to replace old ones. If I can't edit, I can't put my work here. A partial repair woun't be enought. Please fix my editing ability.
    toptrain frank
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    Old wood 36' ventilated box car, like the AHM one.

    This is made from a kit. All wood construction. I know of one company that made one, Ambroid. ACL 17199.

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  12. ed acosta

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    36' ventilated box car

    Nice job on that ventilated "watermelon" car. I picked up a partially finished kit at a swap meet in Vancouver, BC last year for only $2. The workmanship was very good and, while the sides were already painted, I only had to match and paint the remainder of the car, add sprung trucks and Kadee couplers. Mine is also and Ambroid kit, but the paint seems to be a bit more red on mine than yours. I wonder if one shade is more authentic than the other, and why would Ambroid use two different shades?

    This was defineatly a 'craftsman' kit and even though the price marked ($2) was low, I suppose today's generation of model railroaders steer away from anything too technical. Their loss, my gain; I also picked up an all metal Roundhouse Atlantic Coast Line box car for $2 that day. That model is illustrated in a 1953 Roundhouse catalog. It was in perfect shape. I can't believe that hundreds of model railroaders walked right past the model and didn't bother to pick it up!
  13. prastiajibayu

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    those are great look model...:thumb:
  14. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    on the old craftsman kit front here are photo's of a ventilated boxcar built from a central valley kit. look through the doors the side walls had printing on the inside representing the inside framing and boards. This kit was long out of production when I built it in the 1970's

    Also there is a photo of a N&W hopper built from a Northeastern Kit. this represents an all wood WW 1 war emergency hopper. I love this car. This kit was also long out of production in the 1970's when I built it. I have not been successful at finding any more of these kits, even though I have been looking for more than 30 years someday I may get brave enough to scratchbuild another 4 or 5.

    Also here is a wood combine kitbashed (shortened) from a Labelle kit. Also built in the 1070's (recently repainted); but this kit was in production when I built it , and still is, although they may have modernized it to lazer cut parts. Labelle woodworking kits are highly recommended, they make the nicest wood coaches ever in HO and O.

    also there is a picture of a Mantua 1860's ventilated box car and a combine. these are refugees from my first trainset. The combine has been kitbashed into a combine caboose. this is my favorite caboose. These cars are not craftsman kits, but they are doubly remarkable, as they survived hard use by an 11 year old; and are still in service 44 years later.

    Bill Nelson

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  15. Bill Nelson

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    Old time locomotive shops


    Over on the DG CC & W RR thread in the logging section I have been documenting the shopping of some of my low numbered ( #1 ,#2, and #3 ) Locomotives. My layout is set in 1928, and these locomotives represent power leftover from the 1880's or before.

    These locomotives also represent the history of my RR, as when I was just starting out, my railroad was set in the west in the 1880's. At that time my most used locomotives were my #1 a Mantua General I acquired in my first train set in 1966 or so; and a string of AHM 4-4-0s and 2-4-0s.

    My interest in logging railroads moved my railroad to Eastern Tn, and my time period as far forward as 1948, before it retreated back to 1928, in order to represent the boom years in Eastern Tn. My railroad developed steep grades and the little rod locomotives are less useful, but heritage must be preserved so they were re shopped.

    Years ago the tender on #1 was replaced with an AHM tender that had a better motor and better detail than the Mantua original. This round of shopping saw the repacement of the AHM motor with a surplus motor from a cannon copier. the drive shaft was replaced with a drive shaft from Micromark. the link is to a video of #1 at 9% throttle on the workbench. Suddenly this 44 year old locomotive has astounding slow speed operation.

    The photo shows #1 (before she got her fine antlers - a fine Rio Grande models casting). Nore work is needed on the old girl, and it is a real shame that my railroad is not better suited for this fine old machine

    Bill Nelson

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  16. Bill Nelson

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    earlier in this thread I showed pictures of a primordial HO locomotive, a side rod diesel. I recently disassembled the motor and got it working again.

    Here is a link to a video of the mechanism


    I still need to do some work on the electrical pick up, it won't run this well on the rails.

    the motor wouldn't run, I disassembled it cleaned the magnent, shot the brushes and commutator with contact cleaner, and lubed the bearings. I was surprised, this is a very good little motor. if you look carefully it is running at the beginning of the video.

    Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson
  17. CNJ999

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    Just as a POI, while Ambroid was the only manufacturer of craftsman kits that I too recall ever offering an ACL watermelon car (was this perhaps the only road that rostered them?), the car was also done way back in plastic by AHM and maybe even briefly by its successor IHC.

    Actually, for the period it was really a pretty good model and could probably still pass muster among todays Accurail cars and Athearn's former BB freight cars. I know that I have at least one example of the AHM car somewhere in the trainroom, carefully put away for future use.

  18. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    The "Watermelon Car" was an example of a ventilated box car, which were common before the development of Iced refrigerator cars. I know Central Valley made a ventilated box car in a craftsman kit Photo a couple posts back, and Mantua had an 1860 version in plastic AHM did one in Plastic, and Con Coor has made one more recently. They weren't cheap, and I only bought one. now that I don't see them anymore, I wish I had bought more. Live and learn, or in my cas just live.

    Bill Nelson
  19. gbwdude

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    In my one GBW book they have a picture of a car very similar to that N&W hopper. I can't make out all the details since there's a steamer in the way (the car was in the background) but the details look right on and the general construction looks about right. As far as the extreme peaked ends, I don't think the GBW had it on it, but I could be wrong. I'll have to bring my books to the club and show you guys my newly acquired stash.

    On another note, my wife pleasantly surprised me again with a big bag of semi-scale wheelsets. Supposedly I told her to buy em and I have no recolection of that... so Happy early Father's Day to me!

  20. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member


    that hopper, if memory serves me correctly, is a USRA WWI war emergency hopper. the composite hopper we are familiar with is the USRA WWII war emergency hopper, so a lot of RR could have had cars of a similar design.


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