Old Yellow House - by Papermau

Discussion in 'Free Models' started by mauther, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Very nice. What material did you use for the vines and groundcover?
  3. Zathros

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    Beautiful House you have created Mauther!! I have a chimney covered with vines like that, I don't use my fireplace so I let them grow wild. Very nice indeed!!
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  5. clif52

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    Great model. I've been to that site several times. I hit a link last week for an old west saloon/hotel that took me to that site for download, but I could never find it.

  6. Zathros

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    If you're talking about the"Red Dog Saloon", just scroll down, under one of the pictures, it says "Download", that will take you to "Deposit Files", and you can download it there for free. It's under the 4th picture, looks like this, (Red.Dog.Saloon. is in yellow letters).

    "download: Red.Dog.Saloon"
  7. mauther

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    Thanks for all of you for your words.

    To Vermin_King:

    I don`t know how to translate this: sawdust of pencils. The product of Sharpener. You take this and immerse in Acrylic paint diluted in water. Let about 1 hour, them dry this very well and put in blender ( liquefier? ) to grind. That`s it.

    To Clif 52:
    Zathros don`t lie:the Red Dog saloon is waiting for you!

    See you later!

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