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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Nazgul, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Nazgul

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    I was doing a search for something and stumbled upon a thread from Jan 2002. It was about comming up with a common element on all interested members' layouts. After a lot of interesting "back and forth" it looked like a Gauge newspaper or other form of communication was being decided upon. Then all of a sudden, the thread just ends. What happened? Did anything ever come out of this? Did members put something GAUGE related on their layouts as a result of this idea? Any one remember?......If I was smarter I would have written down the name of the thread, wouldn't I......don't say it!
  2. MasonJar

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    That rings a bell... I think it was about "The Box'" or something like that. We have done a few "community" things over the years, including The Box, and Gauge boxcars in both N and HO have toured the world.

  3. ezdays

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    We do have the Gauge magazine (click here), but that didn't happen until well after that date.

    Hey, if you found it once, you can find it again. Just right-click on the thread title and "copy link location", then paste it as a link right here.:D
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  5. Nazgul

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    link's not working....must be operator error....just search gauge newspaper and it's the last entry on the first page "good idea..." the box thread is on the page too. New members, such as myself, should get a kick out of them.
  6. ezdays

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    I corrected your link, it now works...:wave: :wave:

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